Well That Was An Adventure…

I am back from Sweden which frankly I didn’t want to leave, it seemed the feeling was mutual as on Sunday night my plane was cancelled (after being delayed three times, over four and a half hours, by the most nonchalant member of staff ever) and so I ended up being stuck in Sweden. Thankfully the Menzies Aviation team at Sweden Check In were amazing and sorted me out with a hotel while the lovely, lovely Emelie from West Sweden Tourist Board was on the end of the phone calming my rather fraught nerves. Now does the hotel not look just like something out of a crime novel, or indeed The Shining?


It was lovely and the staff were brilliant at helping out a very vexed looking British beardy bloke. Anyway, apart from the final night of storms (lightening struck the plane hence why it didn’t fly, sensible) the weather was incredible. I swam in the sea, visited lots of Camilla Lackberg’s fictional murder sites, ate Ingrid Bergman’s favourite cake from her favourite bakery and did lots and lots of hiking. Here is a picture of me at the top of Valo Island’s rocky mountain terrain in my element, and in the sunshine…


If you think I am not sharing Sweden enough get ready asI will giving you a whole week of Swedish delight from Monday next week; the books, the place, the stunning scenery, etc. I just need to catch up with myself a little first. A big huge thank you to everyone who made it so amazing Emelie and Asa in particular. Now before we get back to normal bookish business how on earth are all of you? What’s news and what have you been reading?


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14 responses to “Well That Was An Adventure…

  1. So glad you had a great time, Sweden looks a beautiful country.
    I’ve just finished reading The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton.

  2. The Hotel does look like the setting you described! Wonderful that you had a great time and have lots to share later on your blog.
    Read and mostly enjoyed Tortoise and The Hare by Jenkins. Read part of Fountain Overflowing by Rebecca West and set it aside. Looking for books by Jonas Jonasson at the moment.

  3. jananav

    Beautiful pictures! I look forward to more Sweden updates. I just finished TRESPASS by someone named Rose Tremain. Absolutely loved it. Thanks for the recommendation! I’m leaving for vacation Thursday and taking, among others, THE ROAD HOME.

  4. Sounds a great trip! I’m currently reading The Ruby Slippers…

  5. sharkell

    Nice to hear your holiday went well. I like the look of that hotel. I have also read Tresspass and loved it, but more on that when you post your review. I have nearly finished Life After Life (very behind everyone else in getting to this book) and finding the concept great and some of the sections fascinating, especially the sections on the Blitz, but the whole book feels a little long….

  6. Dorothy

    The Preacher by Camilla Lackberg, of course!!

  7. Sounds fab – hubby goes today just for an overnighter, though he’s not taking me!

  8. Steve

    Glad you had a great trip to the west coast of Sweden. I haven’t been north of Göteborg yet, so I had to look at pix on Google Earth to help me visualize the settings in Fjällbacka when I translated Camilla’s first 4 books. (My wife Tiina took over with #5). Nice you got to go in the summertime!

  9. I look forward to reading about your adventures! I just finished Women Heroes of WWI by Kathryn Atwood. YA history, excellent. Just posted a review of it on my blog yesterday.

  10. Wow, that hotel does look like the setting of a crime novel! Looking forward to more Sweden pictures 🙂

  11. I just came back from Sweden as well and home doesn’t really feel home any more. I want to go back!
    I have bought no less than 40 books up there – bit obsessed – so I’ll have something to console myself with till I find the way to move to that delightful country.. Anxious to see the pictures!

  12. Ahh simon!! Thanks for your kind words 🙂 You make my day!
    It was a pleasure arrange the trip for you and I am really looking forward reading the blogposts! At any time you are welcome back to West Sweden!
    big hug Emelie / West Sweden Tourist Board (Press & PR)

  13. So glad you had a good time, really looking forward to Swedish delight next week as need some book recommendations!!

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