Oscar & Millie…

Are actually furious they haven’t been on the blog for ages and ages. After all who loves books and doesn’t love cats. Anyway, they would like to wish you a Happy World Cat Day! They have both been enjoying a day of treats and even more adoring love than normal. They would also like to remind you about a post of cats, books and book lovers that they did for the launch of a cat based book a while ago. Here it is.

If you have any cat and book based posts do let these two know, they would be delighted. Or if you could recommend any fantastic felines in literature?


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5 responses to “Oscar & Millie…

  1. No cat posts but some literary references come to mind…Cat’s Eye by Margaret Atwoodand T.S. Eliot’s poem about cats ( I’m not sure of the title but something like Old Possum’s Cats comes to mind) and then there is the creepy short story The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe. Isn’t there a nice children’s story about the Christmas Kitten by James Herriot too…? Lots of cat books out there!

  2. We have a number of posts the beasts would enjoy. “Of cats and Crane Mansions” with a link to a book called “Cat Sense”;”The cats’ reply”, an anti-bird poem; “Shakespeare on cats”; and “Have cat, will earn”.
    Purr purr!

  3. Have you read Jennie by Paul Gallico? A little boy who ends up in the body of a cat. Amazing 🙂

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