I’m Off To America…

So by the time you read this I will either be on one of the three planes or three airports on my way to Asheville where I am going to Booktopia with Ann and Michael of Books on the Nightstand and some great authors and fabulous readers; on one of the two planes or airports it takes to get to Washington before staying with Thomas of My Porch and my Readers co-host for a while; or on the bus to or in New York. All in all as you can see I have an amazing few weeks ahead as I head out to the US.

While I have this time away I have also decided to have a bit of a blogging break and a breather. I have been mulling this for a while, along with what I want Savidge Reads to be going forward, and think a little time away from reviewing and waffling might be good for me and it. I was trying to schedule posts and reviews (sorry if you are Trespassing with Tremain with me, The Road Home will be live as soon as I get back, well give a day or two for jetlag) for while I was away and I think I am just too tired and a bit brain frazzled. Nothing was coming out as I wanted. But let us not get bogged down in that…

So instead I am going to read lots (well Gone with the Wind – one of Grans favourite books as a child – and The Goldfinch – which I keep calling The Goldfish- are two of the books in my hand luggage) as well as doing lots and lots and lots of bookish things out in the real world. Just on the other side of the Atlantic – eek, I am excited!!!!

If you decide you miss me don’t forget both You Wrote The BookThe Readers and Hear Read This which you can catch up on and are going live while I am away. You can still Ask Me Anything and make suggestions for Savidge Reads 4.0 when I come back. You can also go through the archives. Oh and I will probably be tweeting and instagramming @SavidgeReads (find me, follow me, stalk me) as I go about my travels and bookish excursions.*

Have an ace few weeks!

*There is every chance I might get the blogging itch as I did in Sweden and suddenly start posting, though one of my hosts (Thomas) has threatened to tie me to the bed Misery-style and force me to read all the books he loves and watch A Room With a View on repeat if I even think about it!!!


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8 responses to “I’m Off To America…

  1. Carol S

    Have a great break and LOTS of excellent reading + bookish experiences.

  2. Ann

    Enjoy your stay in our beautiful U.S.! Ann from Michigan

  3. Jen

    Have a fabulous time in the US! I hope you enjoy Gone With the Wind as much as I do. It is my favorite book. ~Jen in Minnesota

  4. q

    happy trails to u! u just have best of times not bloggging but having lots of laughs and snackeroos-american style….
    i just bot GWTW (read as youngen)…in TBR pile unless u have readalong, then will dust it off sooner….
    your fans want u to enjoy and rest ….quinn

  5. America is better for having you on our soil, and I’m damn jealous I won’t be in Asheville with you and so many of my other favorite bloggers.

  6. Enjoy your visit! The weather’s been great and Asheville is beautiful this time of year, well really all year.

  7. sharkell

    Hope you have a great trip, we’ll miss you.

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