It’s Autumn, Hooray…

Today is officially the first day of autumn. Knowing this fact may make me sound even more like a geek; I don’t actually know when winter, summer and spring start though. This is because, sorry to the other three, autumn is my very favourite season of the year by a mile. I have mentioned this before on the blog I am sure, I will mention it again though. I love the fact that the nights start to draw in, yet it isn’t stupidly dark (damn you winter). I love the fact that everything feels cosier, you don’t want to leave your bed in the morning; you don’t want to take your cardigan/jumper off when you go to bed at night. I love the tones and colours of the trees, mildly ignoring the fact that it is all nature decaying/dying. I love the fact that the cats love me more, even if it is just because they want to steal my heat. I love the atmosphere outside as the foggy mornings start and twilight seems to last longer.

This is not my street. I currently have neighbours who seem to have filled a skip and most of the street with their garbage, not that I am cross.

All in all I love autumn. It is also my favourite reading season. This is because of most of the factors above; equating to staying in bed all the time or sitting by the fire (that I don’t have) or spending hours in the bath (which I don’t have, I need to move) and just reading. There is also something about the atmosphere that matches my favourite reads. Now is the time I am most likely to dust of some sensation Victorian fiction, a great murder mystery or open some ghost stories – which are all of my favourite books. Why I don’t read these as much at other times of the year I am not sure, and maybe I do but maybe I just don’t notice them as much. I am now very excited about perusing my shelves and looking for some ideal autumnal reads.

So I am thrilled autumn is here, what about you? Do you have a favourite season be it for reading or whatever? What books, or type of books, have you got planned to read or are looking forward to getting this autumn?


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40 responses to “It’s Autumn, Hooray…

  1. Jen

    What a beautiful photo, Simon! I don’t have any particular reads planned, but I do agree that autumn is a wonderful time of year. Just feeling the crispness in the air makes me feel more alive. Happy cozy reading!

    • Ha. It is just a photo I spotted on the web and have naughtily stolen. My street today looks like a bomb site. There is a crispness that is warmer than winter but sweeter than spring, almost like a melon that is about to get too ripe. Oh I am poetic today, must be the month. Ha.

  2. I am loving the sudden switch to Autumn – bring on the piles of crunchy leaves! And your photo caption made me laugh out loud x

  3. kaggsysbookishramblings

    I love Autumn too – just enough chill in the air, the lovely colours and the fact you don’t need to feel guilty about hunkering down in a comfy chair with a book. It’s the season to tackle big books – definitely!

  4. David

    Winter would be my favourite season – Autumn is nice when you get those lovely crisp mornings, but it can also be damp and miserable, leaves to rake off the lawn and plants looking half-dead. I have a melon that is bordering on too ripe in the fridge at the moment and it smells ever so slightly of cat wee…

    Reading-wise, it’s the time of year I usually get sucked into prize list reading (the Giller longlist and the National Book Award longlists both came out last week and there are a few books on each I want to get to) whereas Winter is the time of year to catch up on books I’ve missed through the year and delve into some older books or favourite authors’ backlists.

    • Hahahaha that cat wee comment really made me laugh. I quite like autumn rain. Which is lucky as on the wirral it has just started.

      I like the look of some of the U.S. National Book Award titles. I don’t know any of the Giller titles, well not on first look, which is exciting.

      • The Giller list is exciting: only know two authors on it. My fellow Shadow Gillers were grumbling about it a bit: they thought a lot of A-listers had missed out. But I like reading books by authors I’ve never heard of. You never know what gems you might discover.

      • Oh I agree with you. Not knowing is more exciting. Though with Man Booker am kicking myself as actually want to read half of it. But now they are ‘it’ books and I said I wouldn’t read those may have to break rules as two are authors I like lots. Grrrrrr.

      • David

        I’ve read three of the Giller titles – Shani Mootoo’s book is really good but the other two I’d read (Miriam Toews and Kathy Page) I wasn’t overly wowed by. Because I follow Canadian fiction quite keenly I was already aware of all the books/authors and found it a surprising list. Quite a few notable omissions (not because of them being so-called A-list authors, just because they were really good books) while the reviews I’d seen earlier in the year of a couple that did make the cut were very mixed.
        The NBA list though looks fantastic. Again, I’d already read three of them 9all the story collections) and really liked each of them with Phil Klay’s ‘Redeployment’ being one of my favourite books of the year so far.

  5. It’s easy to remember when the seasons officially change, Simon: they switch over on the Equinox (twice a year) and Solstice (twice a year). Wiki has a useful calendar here:

    Or just do what the Australians do: the seasons change on the first of the following months: December, March, June & September.

    Oh, and yes, I quite like Autumn, too. Love misty mornings and warmer days. Great reading weather!

  6. Not heard of Scarecrow… had to look it up. Never heard of the author. And, admittedly, his stuff doesn’t sound like my sort of thing. Will wait for your review.

    Thanks for link back to Road Home. This is first time I’ve visited your blog in ages. Now I have new “rules” about my own blog, I think I have a bit more time to visit other blogs!

    Don’t currently have any plans for Saturday, so keep me posted. Be great to catch up!

  7. priyanka

    Very beautifully written . I think this is the first blog I’ve read about the beginning of autumn . And yes , you are right !!! It’s definitely a great season to cozy yourself up with book , book and mire books . And let’s not forget music . This week I’ll be finishing The Fountainhead and by the weekend I’ll be starting John Green Looking for Alaska . Pretty excited . Happy Autumn . 🙂 🙂

  8. Have you read Uncle Silas by Sheridan Le Fanu? It is my favorite Victorian “sensation” novel (besides all Wilkie Collins, of course). I think you would really enjoy it!

  9. Another lover of autumn here too. My Mother-in-Law told me that generally people prefer the season they were born in. Not sure how true that holds though! It is time to get out the fleecy blankets and get some proper cosy reading done. I tend to go for longer books in the autumn and winter, often those set in the Edwardian era. I wonder if that is from watching House of Eliott during the autumn months when I was a kid?

    • Interesting. My second favourite is probably spring. I think I was born in winter though, again no idea when the seasons change. March 24th is my birthday. I feel like that’s just after or just before spring has sprung.

  10. frankieandgiuseppe

    I only read Scandinavian crime in atutumn/winter, it just doesn’t sit right with sweltering Mediterranean summers we get here in Rome. Good observations.

    • Oh interesting. I can read some icy books in summer. Like I did the Camillia Lackberg this summer, though admittedly I was in Sweden. I can only read Christmas books at Christmas though. It feels wrong otherwise.

  11. Autumn is the best of all the seasons. The colours, the cold, the ability to once again wear a wolf jumper without sweating out all my bodily fluid… Bliss.

    I read more when it’s colder, I’ve got quite a few memoirs lined up (as and when they are released) Stephen Fry, Lena Dunham, Amy Poehler. I’ll probably try and get through the remaining Richard Yates books I have left to read, or some more Joan Didion. I associate Joan Didion with the autumn/cold, I’m not sure why.

    Happy autumnal reading, Simon!

  12. Spring and summer are definitely my favorite seasons. I love the colors of fall, but hate what comes after, so not a big fan of the season in general. It’s getting dark way too early and I’m already feeling a little seasonal depression setting in. Sigh.

  13. I agree with you on every point, thouh I must confess to loving Winter best. Winter is sparkling white snow, crystal ice, red berries, cinnamon scents and all the reading pleasure you listed here.

    Have just cracked open my first Poe of the year; love creepy reading in the Fall.

    So good to see you at Goodreads, lately, thanks for the follow.

  14. I love fall, too 🙂 Nothing beats curling up with a comfy blanket, a book and a cup of tea or coffee. Whenever stormy fall days roll around, I have the urge to re-read Wuthering Heights or read Jane Eyre for the first time. I’m really hoping I’ll have time to do both this year!

  15. I adore Autumn, this warm September is driving me mad, I want coats, tights, scarves, back-to-school-ness! Plus I love reading in front of the fire. Bliss. Enjoy your autumn reads!

  16. Kateg

    I, too am an Autumn lover. As I get older, I like Spring and Fall more than the extremes of Summer and Winter. I have some bigger books that I really want to read ( I received Wilkie Collins last Christmas and haven’t read it yet. You can take credit for it as I was ignorant of him until you spoke about him on The Readers). I also have a creepy Shirley Jackson for Halloween.

  17. I love autumn, though this year it feels too much like an extended summer, as in I seem to still be busy constantly until mid-November. Which means I don’t get all those precious extra reading hours. Lame. I’m also grumpy because we were supposed to be going to Fowey for a long weekend for me to soak up everything Daphne du Maurier but now my man’s too busy with work and we’ve had to cancel. No, I am not a fan of this current autumn. I agree with Leah re storms though and we’ve had some corkers already. Love me a good storm.

  18. Elizabeth

    I love the photo. I hope yo read The Moonstone this month. And, dare I say it, Rebecca for the first time. I bought a nice old copy at a thrift store and knew I had to buy and read it (I could hear you over my shoulder telling me to buy it).

    • Yeah it was me. I have this very clever habit of sending part of myself through the ether whenever anyone is contemplating buying a copy of Rebecca and hovering over their shoulder telling them to buy it 😉

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