Gone Girl – The Movie (And Some Other Bits and Bobs)

Just a quick post from me as I am a) I have been feeling a bit ropey since I came back from London and b) I am reading like a demon for some episodes of You Wrote The Book (I have Victoria Hislop on this week and then the following fortnights am joined by David Nicholls and Neel Mukherjee – I am beyond chuffed, so apologies for the proud moment of over sharing) being ill of course is the perfect thing when you have got lots of lovely reading to do. It is not so good for making you have any urge to sit in front of the computer. Gosh I ramble on don’t I? Anyway…

As I mentioned I am not long back from a very speedy trip to London where I had the pleasure of going to see the advance first UK screening of Gone Girl with lots of lovely bookish types (including Rob and Kate of Adventures with Words, who were also at the lovely champagne and canapé pre-show gathering with me and I might hop on the podcast of) it was all very hush hush, phones were locked away while we watched it in the West End cinema…


I am not sure how much I am allowed to say about it because of the fact (like the book) there are so many twists and also because of embargos, so I will keep it unusually short for me. It was bloody brilliant, two and a half hours whizzed by. I am thrilled Gillian Flynn wrote the screenplay as it was spot on flawless. And, some people might think I am mad and it isn’t something I thought I would ever say, I will be amazed if Rosamund Pike doesn’t get an Oscar nod and lots of prizes for her utterly brilliant performance as Amazing Amy, she was – erm – amazing. (This also shows why I review books not films normally!)

So that was that I just thought I would share.  A big thanks to Orion for inviting me! Whilst away I also met up with the lovely Kim of Reading Matters for lunch which was lovely, much discussion of books and blogging was had too! Oh actually I forgot to tell you I saw the adaptation of S. J Watson’s Before I Go To Sleep the other week at the cinema and that was bloody marvellous too. Right, I am back to lie on the sofa and watch another adaptation, Jack Reacher. I haven’t read the books, I have no expectations, I am ill and in need of some escapism. What great adaptations have you seen recently? Have you seen Before I Go To Sleep? Will you be rushing out to see Gone Girl? Oh and if you have any questions for David Nicholls and Neel Mukherjee let me know… Book reviews are back in earnest from tomorrow, promise!


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7 responses to “Gone Girl – The Movie (And Some Other Bits and Bobs)

  1. Wow! Sounds like a great film! I read the book and didn’t love it, but want to see the film. So, I’ll definitely be heading to the movie theater this coming weekend. As for Before I Go To Sleep, I might watch that one. I didn’t care much for the book either, but don’t feel as excited about the film as I do about Gone Girl. Maybe I’ll watch it on the telly when it finally makes it way there. Hope you are feeling better and looking forward to your book reviews 🙂 Cheers!

    • They are both great Nadia. Gone Girl is really slick and very darky funny in places it feels very new and now. Before I Go To Sleep is brilliant in a different way, it’s classy and subtle and quite Hitchcockian!

  2. I am so damn excited about Gone Girl – the preview looks freaking awesome, so I’m really hoping the movie lives up to it.

  3. Oh no, I hope you didn’t get my lurgy. I had it all last week and had hoped I’d be better now, but no, it’s got worse and I dragged myself to work today feeling like death warmed up. Hope it’s better by the weekend because I’ve got a two-week holiday planned and would rather not be sick during it, thank you very much.

  4. Just got back from watching Gone Girl. Wow, that’s some strong dark stuff. I’m very impressed. I can’t remember the last time I was so disturbed and entertained at the same time. Very exciting that you got to see the premiere!

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