Exciting News… The UK Blog Awards 2015

I bring some rather exciting news! The UK Blog Awards 2015 longlisted blogs were announced yesterday and thrillingly Savidge Reads is up for the public vote to be shortlisted. I had an email a few weeks ago to tell me that my blog had been nominated (whoever did it, as I genuinely do not know, a big BIG thank you from me) but until I saw the list I refused to believe it. It happens it is true and I am really excited.


So as I mentioned you can vote for me if you would like, no pressure, I just wont blog ever again if I don’t get short-listed.

Ok, that was an attention seeking empty threat. Ha! Suffice to say if you would like to go HERE and vote for me I would be utterly delighted as while I have always done this for the love the idea of an award on my non-existent mantelpiece would be really lovely. Oh, I can dream can’t I?

PS I havent had chance to go through the whole list but I did spot that Kim of Reading Matters is up for the same categories and I love her and her blog so do feel free to vote for her too! It doesn’t take long honest!

PPS If you are having problems with the link here it is in full http://www.blogawardsuk.co.uk/candidates/savidge-reads/


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13 responses to “Exciting News… The UK Blog Awards 2015

  1. Carol S

    The link doesn’t link and Google can’t find the site, I’ve now tried many times, any advice please?

  2. Done! Link worked for me. You’ve earned it and you deserve it Simon.

  3. Congrats, and done! But still technical issues…I had to go to the route URL manually (I think the DNS look up for the site has failed) and navigate from there. Such a shame they’ve made it so hard to vote.

  4. Congratuations! Will definitely be voting for you 🙂

  5. Congrats! Just finished voting for you!!

  6. Karen

    Congratulations Simon! Delighted to add my vote (from Canada).

  7. You’ve got my vote Simon. Congratulations

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