Green Carnations & Feeling A Little Proud…

On Friday night I was a bundle of nerves. I had been in London since Wednesday and had been seeing lots of friends and doing loads quite a bit of shopping and just having a break, yet the reason I was down in London was for the Green Carnation Prize Winning Announcement and Party. The bit I was feeling about was giving a speech all about the prize; especially in front of lots of authors, publicists, industry bods and some of my friends. Eek. But I did it…


And as I did it started to hit me how much the prize had achieved in its five years, especially after the announcement that Anneliese Mackintosh had won. Huge congratulations to her. I had the pleasure of speaking to Anneliese afterwards, who was shaking from genuine shock that she had won (and possibly overdosing on Night Nurse, the poor love) and who said a big thank you. Initially I said ‘ooh don’t thank me, it’s the judges who chose it’ (who did an amazing job) and Anneliese replied ‘but thank you for setting it up’. I have to admit I felt a bit emotional, and I hadn’t even won.


I then got very quite drunk and as I was talking to people it seemed to finally click how far it had all come. I was in a room with all these people who were saying what a great long and shortlist it has had over the past few years, how pleased they were about the partnership with Foyles and that it was becoming a prize that they could trust would throw them great reads. By the end of the night I was a beaming mess of happiness, which is a nice feeling to have.


So now Any Other Mouth and Anneliese Mackintosh join the Green Carnation Prize winning family along with Andrew Solomon, Patrick Gale, Andre Carl Van Der Merwe, Catherine Hall and Chrisopher Fowler! So that is all your Christmas stocking lists sorted for this year – oh along with this years corking shortlist. Have you read any of the Green Carnation Prize winners, short listers or long listers and if so what did you think?


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5 responses to “Green Carnations & Feeling A Little Proud…

  1. Carol S

    Sounds fab and on my, my son’s and my aunt’s kindles right now.

  2. sharkell

    I have read the Gale and the Hall and both have been excellent reads so I’m adding the other 4 to my wish list now. Congratulations on a huge achievement. I would have been a bundle of nerves speaking in front of all of those people so I take my hat off to you.

  3. quinn

    I’m tearing up just reading your article. thank u for initiating and stabilizing such a magnificent award! oops getting teary eyed again. May (and it will) this award become entrenched in reading society. thank u all for your work and brilliance….

  4. Patrick Gale and Andrew Solomon are great – I really enjoy reading them and want to read more. And I also liked your shortlist this year – I loved Kerry Hudson’s Thirst, for instance. Congratulations on a great prize which has certainly come a long way in just 5 years!

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