Bear With…

Oh dear. This blogging malarkey. What has happened to it and I? The last few weeks have been a little bit bonkers (new job, the Green Carnation Prize 2014) and so when I have finished at work the last thing I have been feeling like doing is blogging.

I have appallingly, and more gallingly, been really slow on the uptake with reading, though I can report that this has recently suddenly come full force and I have a weekend of it planned (while the Beard is off working) this weekend and I am so excited.

The blogging will probably return in full this weekend too as I have been doing lots of thinking about it which always a good sign. Another good sign is that I have been binge bulk buying lots of exciting books (sometimes you need a new book – or three – you’ve chosen and are raring to read to get you back in the swing) which I have added to this very evening on the way home…


So lots to be talking about soon! Though as I will be discussing tomorrow the end of the year is approaching scarily fast which always sends me into a book panic, more tomorrow. In the meantime what have you lovely lot been reading? Any gossip? And do keep your latest purchases or borrowings coming in, my bank balance hates it but I blooming love it!


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3 responses to “Bear With…

  1. Just finished Dying for Christmas which I enjoyed and now on The Bookshop that Floated Away! No similarities there then!

  2. It’s been awhile since I found a really good book to my taste but I continue to try.. recently I really liked The Death of Lucy Kyte by Nicola Upson ( hope I have the title correct),so that is a contemporary one but written about a scary old mystery and real crime…..I love old I have some set aside for the first blizzard .

  3. quinn

    Thx for the reminder that buying bks can get us back in the swing of things readingwise…good advice.
    Just finished…’Good Evening, Mrs Cravens’ (Panter-Downs), luuuved it! fighting off the urge to buy all her writings (i shall lose that fight in no time)…and “Wigs on the Green), my first Nancy M and since i had heard it was weaker than her next 2, i was thrilled it was so laugh out loud funny…also ‘Hons and Rebels’ my first Jessica M…solid, funny, helped me get the girls in place in my head, and rather loving…
    Enjoy your ‘single’s weekend’..and give us all the details 🙂

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