I Was Almost On Radio 4 This Week

Yes believe it or not this is the week where I almost ticked off one of my lifes goals, to be on Radio 4. Almost. You see sadly I had a bloody conference call at that place that pays my bills, that place called work, and so alas I couldn’t get to a studio and be on the British institution that is You & Yours…


The good thing that I took from this, after sulking for quite some time at my desk (whilst obviously doing my work and the conference call to the best of my ability) was that I had even been asked, they were interested in my opinion and thought I might have sone thing decent to say. It also means they have me on their radar, so maybe next time?!? Fingers crossed.



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6 responses to “I Was Almost On Radio 4 This Week

  1. Ann

    Bummer, Simon. Maybe you can call and reschedule?

  2. quinn

    no sweat…they’ll call u back…now they know u’re hard to get and ever so in demand….they’ll make u a regular for sure..
    get ready…quinn

  3. How exciting and yet so disappointing. I’m sure you’ll get your chance again!

  4. I am sure they’ll be calling you again!

  5. That is the best thing ever. You’re hot property Savidge 🙂

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