Books Before The End Of The Year…

Another quick post from me today as any minute some lovely guests are arriving for a small six people, six courses, Strictly Come Dancing soiree. Very exciting! As I have been running around like a loon I have been sorting the house out for these special guests, this has included my bookshelves. Why? Well, funny you should ask that, I like to let guests have a look through any of those that I am in no rush to read/have two copies of/am not sure why I bought/got sent and don’t fancy, so they can fight over them take them home with them.

As I was sorting them I spotted my soon to read shelves and panicked, some of these are books I have been meaning to read all year and now the year is nearly over and I haven’t read them, yet – though I probably won’t fit them all, if that many, of them in before the year ends.

Books To Fit In

Ultimate panic ensues. So which of the above, if you can make them out and have read them, would you recommend I get to sharpish? Also, which other books might I have missed out on in 2014 that I really need to make sure I read?


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21 responses to “Books Before The End Of The Year…

  1. poppypeacockpens

    I’d definitely recommend Love, Nina… Loved it! Refreshing & funny 🙂

    • Sarah Wiss

      I’d recommend Love, Nina as well – warm and funny, it reminded me of Adrian Mole.

      Nora Webster is a more serious, very moving read which again I’d recommend.

  2. In Search of Solace – can’t believe there aren’t more people shouting about this one;
    H is for Hawk – it’s as good as everyone says it is;
    Academy Street – quietly brilliant.

  3. Cindyf

    The Sarah Waters is a go-er – loved it. Your to be read shelf makes me feel a heap better about mine. Still feel bad about my Magnus Magnusson pile though (Mastermind joke, anybody?).
    Have a fabulous evening!

  4. David

    Well, I reckoned up the other day and I have eighty-four 2014 titles sitting around that I still haven’t read – even a Booker judge couldn’t get through those before the end of the year!
    Looking through your shelves, I’ve only read a few (though I have copies of several of them) and I’d say:
    The Margaret Atwood is very much worth a read, and I say this as someone who doesn’t normally like her books all that much, but this is the book that changed my mind about her.
    Damon Galgut’s ‘Arctic Summer’ is good, but I wouldn’t call it a must-read. Have you read ‘A Passage to India’? I think a familiarity with that helps, though isn’t essential.
    Ali Smith’s ‘How to be Both’ is wonderful, witty and playful and clever. Do read this one before the year is out.
    Ian McEwan is always readable, but ‘The Children Act’ was not a favourite of mine.

    Nearly all my favourite reads this year have been older books. There are a few 2014ers I’d recommend: Jerry Pinto’s ‘Em & the Big Hoom’; Phil Klay’s NBA-winning ‘Redeployment’; Emily St John’s ‘Station Eleven’, and Will Eaves’s ‘The Absent Therapist’ are a few that stood out for me.

  5. kaggsysbookishramblings

    Definitely “Look Who’s Back” – audacious, funny and scary all at the same time!

  6. The Bookshop Book is great – I read that alongside other books as you can just read a few entries at a time. I also have the Sarah Waters to read! Very much looking forward to it.

  7. I’ve got Sarah Waters to read, but do try to read Her as its fab, and Wendy Cope is dip in and out-able an Love Nina is a quick read too. If I have to choose one, go for Her!

  8. Sarah Waters for the chill of winter darkness and Look Who’s Back for a chill of a different kind (very sharp satire).

  9. Andrea

    Ooh, H is for Hawk & The Murakami for me!


  10. Alexander Alexander

    H is for Hawk, indisputably,

  11. The Ali Smith is wonderful. And if that is Michael Faber’s The Book of Strange New Things, then that one too. If it’s not, then that one too anyway!

  12. Everybody’s been giving the Sarah Waters one a good rap, so that seems like a good choice.

  13. I have the Sarah Waters book in my to-read pile. The Bookshop Book and Forensics look interesting too!

  14. queenofthepark

    Norah Webster for sure! Toibin cannot write a poor novel. This is superb. And H is for Hawk is the other I am soooo keen to read.

  15. Annabel (gaskella)

    Discovering Scarfolk is a subversive gem! I also loved Mother Island and Into the Trees in particular.

  16. Mary Arth

    I guess I have a problem. I have twice that many books on my TBR shelf.and they are two deep!

  17. Debra

    Nora Webster, número uno. Then Smith, Atwood, Faber, and McEwan. Thanks for sharing your tba shelves. I feel less guilty now.

  18. Joan

    Sarah Waters! Just finished it and I really enjoyed it.

  19. I found ‘Confessions’ really hard work. H is for Hawk or the Sarah Waters would be my next choices IF it were my TBR 🙂 Enjoy !!

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