A Few Things (Shortlistings, Tremain, YouTube & Comments)

Before the reviews come back in earnest tomorrow, starting with some mini reviews, I thought I would just catch up with a few bits and bobs with you. First up I had some rather exciting news today and I owe you lovely lot a big thank you for your votes as I have been shortlisted for the UK Blog Awards 2015 in the Arts and Culture section. The lovely, lovely Kim of Reading Matters is also shortlisted in the same category which I am thrilled about, you are all already following her blog I am sure but if you happen not to then you must! This round was all votes from the public, now we go off to a judging panel and wait with baited breath and then there is an awards ceremony and all sorts, it is very exciting.

Slight more exciting, well recording it was one of my highlights of the year, if that is possible (those judges might be reading – curtsies at them) my interview with Rose Tremain is now live on You Wrote The Book! Do go and have a listen, she was absolutely delightful. It was extra special to me as, those of you who read regularly will know, she was one of Granny Savidge’s favourite authors and before and after Rose and I (firm friends on first name terms now, ha)  chatted about her a lot – she would have been thrilled. I still haven’t quite finished Restoration and so Trespassing With Tremain isn’t quite complete yet but get set for a review of her wonderful, wonderful collection The American Lover, which we talk about a lot very soon.

Speaking of reviews, and the onslaught of them (and possibly even the back dating of some as I am so behind) coming, if you have any thoughts on book reviews on blogs etc I would love to hear about them. I would also love your thoughts on any booky versions of Serial that will keep me going between seasons (I am hooked) and books I should try and fit in before the end of the year. I have been rubbish at commenting but I am planning on binge commenting over the next few days I promise.

Finally a question. I have been thinking about the books which come into Savidge Reads HQ and wondering how I can feature them more without you all thinking I am a) a massive show off b) you being bored as they tend to go on and on when I have done them. So I have been thinking about doing some YouTube videos again. Yes, AGAIN. You might not know this but I do have a YouTube Channel (I think that is what the kids call it)  when you can see some library loots, my top ten LGBT books and myself and my lovely friend Michelle doing our own version of Pride and Prejudice, without even a sniff of alcohol. I too had forgetten this existed and think I have probably forgotten my password. Basically I won’t be becoming a Vlogger but would you like incoming book videos and the like there, and then popped in a post on here, in the future? Let me know… Erm that is it. Thanks again for your votes, mega chuffed and do pop and comment on this post, those posts and I will comment back. Toodlepip for now!


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9 responses to “A Few Things (Shortlistings, Tremain, YouTube & Comments)

  1. Kateg

    I, too, am hooked on The Serial podcast. I read the Journalist and the Murderer by Janet Malcolm which Ann and Michael recommended. It was very good. I also listen to the Slate Serial Spoiler podcast which discuss the episodes after they air. I used to like watching your videos about your incoming loot and I would watch again. By the end of the year, I want to finish Graham Greene’s The Ministry of Fear which I bought for Greene for Gran and never got around to reading.

  2. Well done on getting shortlisted – how exciting! Fingers crossed for you!

    Being in a reading slump of sorts means I don’t have any recommendations for you, but does mean I have been looking at YouTube a lot more than normal – think a few blogs would be fab!


  3. congrats on making the shortlist simon

  4. Yes to YouTube! I miss your videos.

  5. Simon, by showing us the covers of books you receive you do a service to me (I didn’t know there was a new Robert Edric coming out) as well as the publishers. Plus I love seeing the covers. It is like art. I don’t think it is showing off at all!! Please continue to snap and post photos of your books.

  6. You had me at Pride and Prejudice. No more work will get done today until I’ve watched it.

  7. Simon, Congrats on being a shortlist laureate!
    I loved your old vlogs of showing us your books (I had to go back and watch since I just recently found you and your booky world). Reminds me of how I’d come home from the library and show my mom all my finds when I was a kid. I always had a very tall stack. So it’s like having a nice chat. More, please.
    I am also a listener of Serial, but the only people I’ve heard with suggestions on reading material like it are Ann and Michael.

  8. I really enjoyed your vlogs too! I’d love some more book stash ones. I’ve just discovered Serial too, have heard the first 2 episodes.

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