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I have been thinking about vlogging recently, both doing it again (yes really I have a ‘channel’ which needs some pimping out and updating) and also after watching some. This all started when I was thinking about a new way of shedding light on some of the books incoming that you might not see otherwise for a while. I know I could do posts on these but oh my poor fingers – though then again oh your poor eyes with my mush coming at you on the computer screen. Anyway, I didn’t because it was a grim day and the lighting wasn’t right in my book nook and I hadn’t had my hair done, all the important things. Yet it is still something I am planning on doing though a world I know nothing about yet occasionally lose myself in.

For example, I was on Popjustice the other day (my favourite place for my second love Pop Music, if I am not reading I am quite probably somewhere with my headphones in) and I discovered that singer Amerie has a vlogging channel where she talks about Beauty and Books. So off I went to go and look at her book posts and suddenly 40 minutes had gone. I was mesmerized, though slightly disappointed that at no point did she say ‘it’s this one book that got me trippin’ (see this video to understand though BE WARNED the song will be in your head all day.

Yet other than one or two book vlogs that I really love I am a little bit lost out there in the book vlogosphere. Not only in who is the bees knees but also some of the technical stuff. I mean, is the juddery stop and start thing that I have seen on a few (which I have then lost the links too) an editing thing or is it just a ‘thing’ that some vlogs do?  What do you even use to edit it? I was just pressing record on my iPhone and hoping for the best really. I am rubbish at editing stuff and generally fearful I will delete everything. How do they add all the shizzle that they do, you know the fancy stuff? Oh, my head hurts.

Prime example. I did not edit this joyous Savidge Reads version of a Pride and Prejudice trailer, I got someone else to because I am so rubbish. Gives me a chance to share it again though…

So instead of presenting you with a vlog – or rather with a new one and not one I have regurgitated for giggles – which I might do in the future (but will be an irregular regular thing) with incoming books, I have brought you a post on them in the hope that you will answer some of these puzzling issues for me. One I have just pondered is if they are actually even still called vlogs, see I am so behind.

Firstly I would love to know what you think on blogging vs vlogging (I am not declaring a war here, I just mean what are the pros and cons) in general and if you like them or not? Secondly if you do which ones are your favourites, recommend me some to watch when I can, after all there can never be too many ways to find out about more lovely books can there?


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32 responses to “Book Vlogging

  1. I am a book blogger and very new to book vlogging. I started vlogging for personal reasons, to break out of my shell and learn to communicate better. I feel this will allow me to write better, thus improving my blog. I guess you have to weigh the pros and cons from a very personal standpoint and work out why you want to vlog.

    Vlogging is a new medium and mastering it may be very beneficial. It will also allow you to do basic videos like book hauls, TBRs and lists. Those videos are interesting to watch but never attract too much attention on a blog.

    As far as the technical side, I’ve started with my webcam on my computer and watched videos on how to edit on YouTube. I use imovies which is free on Mac and it is easy to use. Just start watching book vloggers and YouTube normally starts recommending videos based in the videos you like to watch. I don’t know who the big hitters are on YouTube because that depends on genres normally and book vlogger community sometimes appear to be mainly YA. Judging by your taste in books maybe start with the channel “Climb the Stacks” and see where YouTube leads you from there.

  2. Hmm… I’m not a fan… From what I’ve seen, vlogs seem to be more about the person and not the subject and a lot of it is just people holding up books and not really telling anyone anything interesting about them; it’s basically just hauls from the library or what arrived in the post, and that doesn’t interest me (though obviously it must interest others, judging by subscribers/viewing figures). Overall it seems vain and shallow to me (well, you did ask), but I’m also envious that people have the self-confidence to do anything in front of a camera, because I wont even pose for a still photograph as I hate seeing myself. All that aside I realise vlogging is a generational thing and “youngsters” tend to prefer visual stuff over textual… So I guess it depends on the kind of audience you wish to attract. Good luck with it.

  3. Annabel (gaskella)

    I only watch Will’s which you’ve included above. Like Kim, I’m not a fan. I wouldn’t have the self-confidence to do one, let alone edit it properly etc. But then I’m a 50-something and I agree with Kim that it tends to be a generational thing. If you find it fun though – why not. One thing that would make me slightly more inclined to watch is if you were to read a little snatch of the books you’re discussing – I’ve not seen that really happening.

  4. I’m not a fan of vlogging myself. I prefer to read posts, not watch them or listen to them. But I think this may be because I’m an oldie and set in my ways. I’m also far too shy and uninteresting to want to do one myself. But I can see why many would like them. I’d agree with Annabel above that I might be tempted to watch if there were full text to go with them. But good luck to you!

  5. I’ve gotten really into watching booktube videos recently, and I think it just takes a bit of digging to find ones that suit both your literary & presenter-style tastes. A lot of booktube is younger people talking about YA lit & doing a lot of tags & hauls (apparently they get the most views), but there are others doing really excellent & thoughtful reviews & discussion videos on a range of lit.
    Jump cuts seem to be to make the video shorter & edit out errors, but I think too many youtubers use far too many & it’s very annoying!
    I’m on my phone so can’t paste links but you might like:
    Ron Lit (big Jane Austen fan, really interesting videos on 18th/19thC lit)
    Climb The Stacks (really thoughtful reviews & discussions on mainly modern classics. My favourite)
    A booktuber called Jean has a good video on how to film / edit on your iPhone (bit she’s one of those that does a lot of jump cuts, she reads fantasy & ancient lit like the Greeks, etc):

    • I have noticed that it is, as you mention, very much about the YA novels actually. But I think that appeals to the readership as a medium to find out about them I suppose.

      I will look up both those recommendations and indeed that link, thank you Debbie.

  6. I can’t say whether or not I’m a fan of vlogging just yet. I’ve only started exploring it and have mixed feelings on what I’ve found so far. I found a few vloggers I’ve enjoyed, but after binge watching then, I’m finding them to be very repetitive and start not caring. This may be just the type of videos they make, which is mainly “look at these books I just bought” and “look at these books I’m planning to read now, aren’t I cool?” At the same time, there are a few that are more diversified in their videos, and seem to put the “blog” in vlog (instead of lists of books, they actually talk about them and books in general. Not just showing off but forming points of discussion).

    I have a feeling that if you were to vlog regularly, I’d keep coming back to watch. I’m not saying it just because we know each other a bit. I feel that it’d basically be a combination of what I read here and what I hear on your podcasts. So it’ll just be another medium to hear your thoughts on books, and I don’t think you can go wrong in doing some videos.

    I would offer a bit of advice: Don’t do the jittery editing thing, even if it’ll make you seem more hip. I’ve come to overlook it since it’s in every vlog I’ve watched, but it’s still annoying and seems unnecessary 99% of the time.

    • You see I would mainly use it for the books incoming which is making me ponder if I now want to do it. I much just do the books incoming on Twitter as and when the mood takes me, that might be the better medium.

      I will have a think about what other vlogs I might want to do though. Thanks Robert.

      P.S I have always just recorded and if I mess up I mess up, I have not the patience to edit them, why do you think Gav still edits The Readers and YWTB 😉

  7. Maggie Yoder

    I agree with both Robert and Debbie- I would most definitely love to see vlogs that are a bit different from what is currently done. Thoughtful reviews and book discussion is a good idea and from reading your blogs and listening to your podcast you are excellent at both.

  8. I started a youtube channel before my blog, and was really engrossed in it for a while. I ended up reading a lot of books that I otherwise wouldn’t have read, and discovered some wonderful people with channels that I still watch. But there is a lot of “haul” type crap, and it can take a while to cut through the YA fandom and work out who actually has something to say.

    It is very time consuming to make and edit videos though, even if you’re like me and do minimal (or no) editing at all – just the saving and uploading can take hours. And writing just comes more naturally and is something that I do anyway.

    • Ok, haul stuff is off my agenda officially. Oooh I do love how helpful you all are. I think writing I find flows from me much more easily as you have pointed out from your experience. Thanks Allie.

  9. It’s good to get the names of a couple of decent vlogs on the other comments – most of the ones I found in one (admittedly short) search online seemed to consist of teenage girls wearing too much makeup, saying, “…emmm…” lots, and saying that was a “really great book”, or this one was “amazing!” Not for me, I fear.

    • I don’t think, unless it was my little sister, I could spend time watching lots of teenage girls. It is interesting that there are very few bloggers around our ages. That might mean something.

  10. I think it’s two different worlds with a lot of cross over. Personally I don’t watch vlogs as I do a lot of my blog reading on public transit (or surreptitiously at work). I also have issues how all the major news sites would rather give you a 2-3 minute video rather than a short article about the news. Drives me insane, but could work great for you with The Readers base already built in 😀

    • Geoff, my office, now please…I prefer to read, and I couldn’t agree more about news sites…I go on them to read the news (surreptitiously!) not watch videos. Actually in my old job nosying about news sites proved useful – I worked for the Scottish Government, and it was amazing how many calls were associated with stuff in the news – people calling, furious, as they’ve just read a sewage treatment plant’s going to built at the back of their house, demanding to speak to the First Minister, that sort of thing! (it was bizarre how many people thought they could call and speak to the First Minister!)

  11. If I weren’t so boring on camera, and lacking in technology, I would definitely try vloging again. There is a book vloger, Ashley/Climb the Stacks – who is just amazing, I love her reviews. Personally I do prefer blogging to vlogging, but that’s because I find pictures with words distracting. However, it all depends on the reviewer (a lot of vlogers are YA and while there is nothing wrong with that, their youth and reading choices aren’t for me).

  12. Well Vlogging is a new word for me. Haven’t come across that before. It takes a very talented person to be able to talk away without being boring. Most people’s written word is much more illuminating as they have had time to think and revise. That s my opinion at the moment but I will go off exploring and see what it is all about. I did love your P and P presentation though. A perfect accompaniment for the first coffee of the day.

  13. I watch quite a few vlogs on YouTube, but so far haven’t found a good book review channel. I wouldn’t vlog myself, as I would be too self conscious in front of a camera :-/

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