Off to London, And You’re Coming With Me…

I am off to London for the rest of this week as I have some time off (though oddly I am working on Wednesday at London Olympia) and there are some lovely bookish things going on. People always said that I wouldn’t appreciate living in London till I left it, and they were sort of right. Don’t get me wrong I love living ‘oop North’ but now when I go back to London I really, really appreciate it. Before I was too busy getting from a to b without trying to kill someone on the commute – yes, I was one of those people, forgive me. The only thing I miss really badly, bar all my lovely mates, is all the booky things that go on down in big London. Well I am rectifying that on this trip and thought I would do a ‘London Diary’ of sorts while I am there so that you can all be part of the fun. Well if you want to, you might not in which case normal blogging will resume on Saturday…

Will I be bookishly themed enough on the Tube?!?

Will I be bookishly themed enough on the Tube?!?

Over the next few days though you can expect some posts on an event at Drink Shop Do (which just sounds ace) where ten authors will be reading from some of the most anticipated books of 2015 (and there are cocktails so the pictures might be blurred), a visit to Foyles (where I can’t buy any bloody books), afternoon tea at Liberties and a book illustration prize where I may finally meet Susan Hill. Yep, it is a jam packed few days – I will need another holiday after it!


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8 responses to “Off to London, And You’re Coming With Me…

  1. Dying of envy! Sounds wonderful!

  2. David

    That’d be the Folio Society/House of Illustration prize, would it? Lucky you! I always want to enter that but they always announce the book to be illustrated at the end of the year with a deadline early February and unfortunately that happens to be my busiest time of year so I never get chance to do anything for it… one year I’ll get around to it.

  3. Your trip sounds fantastic!! Enjoy and definitely let us know how its going 😉

  4. Have a wonderful trip, Simon!

  5. jananav

    Yes! Take me along. I spent a blissful 10 days there last month and would love a return visit via your posts. Enjoy!

  6. Heh, I’ve just got back from a few days in London, where I was decided un-bookish. The only book I came close to buying was a photography one, which wouldn’t even count toward the TBR so I don’t know why I resisted! I hope you have a wonderful time.

  7. Fenella

    Let us know what you think of Murder Underground. Can I warn you to lower your expectations? It’s been my least favourite of the British Library Crime Classics so far, despite its gorgeous cover.

    And if I were in your place, I’d have made an exception from my book-buying-ban. You’re made of stronger stuff than me.

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