And So Uncovering Fiction Starts…

So a while back I told you of my recent exciting news, fingers crossed I will have even more coming in the next few weeks and months. While I have been busy getting lots of reading done before I dive into the submissions, I have also been thinking about what I will do with the blog over the forthcoming books. I am not sure how much I will talk about my reading habits and adventures over the next few months. I was told that I could review the books that came in for the Fiction Uncovered, just not say they were for the prize, yet I know what cunning clever kinds of folk you lot are and I think you would guess. However fret not I am not about to go silent on you all for a few months, honest…

I have got a backlog of a whopping, yes I counted them, twenty three books that I have yet to read – well twenty four once I have finished Emily St John Mandel’s Station Eleven which I am reading before I interview her next Friday for the first episode of You Wrote The Book when it returns for the new series in July. With a some posts on non booky outings, other bits and bobs and booky thoughts in general which the Fiction Uncovered submissions might inspire as the reading gets under way. I can safely say it has now indeed getting under way as the first batch (there will be a few) of submissions have arrived…


Obviously I can’t tell you what is in the box, I can tease you all and say that there were some I had heard of, and indeed had hoped might be in the mix, there are also loads of books filled with promise which I hadn’t heard of so I am really excited and ready to get reading which is what this weekend will entail. Bring on the reading adventures ahead! There may be some phases of silence, do bear with me though – and think of all the reviews (almost a hundred) I will have afterwards and all the wonderful book to tell you about.

Now unlike me, with my now firmly sealed lips, you can tell me what you are reading at the moment and how you are getting on with it? You can also tell me what you will be doing this weekend, so I can live vicariously through my books and through you!


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3 responses to “And So Uncovering Fiction Starts…

  1. Fenella

    I’m reading Bring Up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel. It jumped to the top of my TBR when I realised that the BBC TV adaptation was covering more than just Wolf Hall. Did you ever read Bring Up the Bodies? It’s not under your Hilary Mantel filed posts.

    It’s good. I don’t like it as much as Wolf Hall, though. But she writes so well and it’s such incredible subject matter. More dramatic than a soap opera. And I keep wanting to look people up on wikipedia to see if they live through this queen or how they end up.

    I’ve finished my last accounting exam on Wednesday, so I can now look to a future full of guiltless reading. It’s a bit overwhelming now that I can choose to read whatever I like.

  2. That’s so exciting. I really hope you manage to continue enjoying all the reading and it doesn’t become a chore. Fingers crossed for you!

    I am reading Gardens of the Sun by Paul McAuley, the second part of a space opera trilogy. It’s really well written and I’m highlighting great passages all the time, but I’m not wolfing it down. I think I need a gripping read next.

  3. Louise

    Can’t wait to hear about your new finds 🙂 I”m reading The Weird Orient; Nine Mystic Tales from Morocco by Henry Iliowizi, and REALLY enjoying it, and I’ve started listening to Akashic Books’ Noir series on audio 🙂

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