Savidge Reads 3.3

Today is my birthday and I turn 33! I will have woken up with some presents and cards and now be whizzing down on the train to London, or in London where I will be having a wonderfully booky day. First up the judges for Fiction Uncovered 2015 will be meeting for the first time over lunch (there is possibly going to be cake) and discussing what we want from winning books and indeed some of the books we have been sent. As you know I love this prize so much so meeting today seems doubly apt. After that I will be meeting two of my fav writer chums (and also fav writers) Catherine Hall and Kerry Hudson, or the other way round, before meeting Polly, formerly of Novel Insights for a night at a publishing party, I am then staying for another two days of fun and booky nonsense, a big night out on Wednesday, all in all a mini birthday break.

I don’t know if I have mentioned before but I celebrate my birthday for as long as I can. My mother and I had a weekend in Newcastle which was a late Mother’s Day and early birthday celebration with much cocktails, yesterday at work we celebrated with these…


Yes those are cupcakes with books on that The Beard baked for me. Seriously, aren’t they amazing. If you don’t believe me and think they are from a stockphoto, here is me about to eat one in the office yesterday…


Then Friday is my birthday part two, where I might go and see Cinderella *coughs*, and then my birthday (dinner) party is on Saturday night. Exciting times! Oh and if that wasn’t enough… My book buying ban is officially over, watch out London bookshops, I am coming! Oh and now I am 33 I am thinking it is time for for a 3.3 upgrade of the blog – maybe not in look but certainly in feel.


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27 responses to “Savidge Reads 3.3

  1. Happy birthday and I’m all for week-long celebrations! Those cup-cakes are amazing!

  2. Happy Birthday, Simon! \o/

  3. Happy Birthday – what fab celebrations and love those cakes!

  4. Happy birthday! Mine was last week and I also celebrated it for as long as I could 🙂 Those book cupcakes are incredible and I am very jealous. Hope you are having a great day!

  5. Happy birthday!
    The cupcakes looks amazing!

  6. Ann Fuller

    Happy Birthday! The cupcakes are so darling with the mini books on top. Wish I could say I was turning 33 again! Enjoy the age – I think 30’s is the best age ever and if only we could stay right there forever……..

  7. Sela Still

    Happy Birthday and here’s to many more years of your wonderful blog

  8. Happy birthday, and ha ha, I had a sneaky thought that it looked like a stock photo. They look so perfect.

  9. Kateg

    Happy Birthday! So jealous of the cupcakes! I agree with Ann Fuller, above, I loved my 30s! (But I am very happy where I am at now, too!). Enjoy your wonderful, booky week!

  10. Happy birthday Simon have a good day

  11. Happiest of birthdays!

  12. Happy birthday! =) Those cupcakes look too good to eat!

  13. Happy Birthday!! Sounds like have some wonderful plans to celebrate- have fun!! And those cupcakes look delicious – YUM!!!

  14. Happy birthday! Those cupcakes are spectacular! I’m the same way with my birthday – it was last week and I’m still trying to wring celebrations out of the whole thing. Enjoy your bookish break!

  15. quinn

    sounds like perfect b’day celebrations and u deserve it! and The Beard is amazing! Thanks for all u do and have BIG fun.

  16. Michael F

    Happy birthday Simon! And I hope there was cake at the luncheon. Cheers.

  17. alibraryforlinda

    Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy all your birthday festivities!

  18. Linda

    Happy Birthday, Simon! Love those cupcakes. Is the Beard a professional chef/baker?

  19. Happy birthday, dear Simon! I wish you nothing but the best and happiest for the year ahead!

  20. That Beard guy is a keeper.

  21. Happy birthday for yesterday! The cupcakes are awesome.

  22. Happy birthday! I hope to keep reading your blog for many years!

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  24. Happy Birthday – I adore those cupcakes.

  25. Elizabeth

    Happy birthday! I love the cupcakes and I love that you turn your birthday into as many events as possible (as it should be). And, I love that you went to see “Cinderella.” Cate Blanchett is good in it. I really liked the whole movie.

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