Being Bookish Full Time Once More…

So yesterday was my last day working the office 9 to 5 (well in my case 8 until 4) and today is the first day of me working for myself again and hopefully on some really exciting booky projects, which April seems to be brimming with. First up is the reading for Fiction Uncovered for the next few months. I have already started on the submissions, which I have to say have been varied and all brilliant so far making my job all the more enjoyable and tough at once, now I am going into a phase of reading full time as there are so many to get through.

My lovely friend Sarah bought me a special bookmark for my birthday to make sure that anyone and everyone understands that when I am head in a book I mean serious business, please excuse the profanities, it made me laugh for about twenty minutes and I still chuckle every time I see it…

Funny... And True!

Funny… And True!

Tomorrow I have to deliver a bookish business plan and pitch that could end up starting the job of my bookish dreams, so no pressure, if you could all have everything crossed for me around 1400hrs GMT for an hour or so that would be bloody marvellous. Then, fingers crossed, I will be ‘blogger in residence’ over London Book and Film Festival in two weeks time ending in the UK Blog Awards where I am hoping Kimbofo or I win the Arts and Culture Award. All in all it’s books, books, books, books, books – which is just how I like it!

If this wasn’t enough I am planning on getting the blog back in full swing, it’s been patchy of late, and giving it a bit of an update. Let me know what you would like to see more and less of, feedback is always very helpful. Ta muchly!



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15 responses to “Being Bookish Full Time Once More…

  1. Now that’s a bookmark I’d love! Good luck with your new ventures 🙂

  2. I am *guffawing* at “Off you fuck!”. So great.

  3. I want to make that bookmark my everything – desktop and phone backgrounds, a big book cover so people can see it and maybe even a t-shirt.

    Good luck on the mysterious project!

  4. Love that bookmark and GOOD LUCK with your pitch – you will rock their socks off!

  5. That’s the best bookmark ever. Good luck!

  6. Berh K.

    I want one!!!

  7. quinn

    now that’s a bookmark to reckon with! best of luck not that u need it.
    now as to your recent posts being way…i think u’ve blogged alot and really shared so much in your reviews of bks and life….truly fabulous….
    so rock on simonthefabulous..

  8. Love this bookmark, too 🙂

  9. That is the funniest bookmark I’ve ever seen!

  10. Joan

    So glad you are enjoying being a judge! Reading The Bees on your suggestion – quite good. Thanks.

  11. Good luck with all your projects, Simon! The bookmark is brilliance.

  12. Louise Edwards

    Obviously I love the blog as it is and always look forward to reading it! I like reading all of the reviews and also really like Other People’s Bookshelves, I always look at people’s shelves when I go to their houses so that definitely appeals. It would be great to see more recommendations for great bookshops, book festivals or maybe literary places to visit. Also, I think it would be great to see you in person doing a vlog – I like Jen Campbell’s one and also Books and Quills, it would be great to have a Simon Savidge equivalent! Hope that’s helpful, but if you didn’t change a thing I would still love the blog anyway!

  13. Louise Edwards

    Oh and I forgot the stationery – I LOVE stationery and I think I remember that you do too. So more lovely stationery finds as well please!

  14. Julian Reid

    Simon your bookmark is a hoot — I want and need one for myself! Very best of luck with your job interview. It’s not often one interviews for the job of their dreams, more often than not it’s the job that puts the food on the table and books in the shelf! Love your blog. Would love to see you have an adjunct to the blog which is a book club. It could be monthly or bi-monthly and we’d get together via online forum to discuss the selected title.

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