The Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction Shortlist 2016…

The Women’s Prize for Fiction is one of the prizes that I get excited about every year, indeed trying to guess the longlist of (failing delightfully) every year as I tend to read more female authors than male authors – which I should look into more I think. Anyway, here they are the six novels that have made the shortlist from the twenty strong longlist (of which a group of lovely bloggers have been shadow judging)…

  • Outline by Rachel Cusk
  • The Bees by Laline Paull
  • A God in Every Stone by Kamila Shamsie
  • How To Be Both by Ali Smith
  • A Spool of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler
  • The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters

As you might guess I am ECSTATIC about Laline Paull’s The Bees being on the list. It was one of my first reads of this year and I just adored it. I have also read the Kamila Shamsie and should really pull my finger out with a review of that one soon. I shall get it live for you all on Thursday, promise. I have read and enjoyed both Waters and Tyler before, Rachel Cusk though is an author I have yet to encounter.

Even more thrilling I am also excited because tomorrow I find out which of the shortlisted books the lovely folk at the Bailey’s Prize will be sending me (one I haven’t read yet, I believe) and also to five of you to read along with me before the winner is announced on the 3rd of June 2016. And yes you read that right, along with five of you… How you can win a copy of the book I will let you know in the next day or so, as soon as I know what it is.

In the meantime what do you think of the list? Any you would have switched, or are you happy as it is? Which have you read?


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9 responses to “The Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction Shortlist 2016…

  1. I haven’t read any of those, although The Bees has been on the list for a while. I was wondering about Anne Tyler the other day and was going to find out which of her books to start with. I’ll be logging in tomorrow 🙂

  2. Gayla

    I’ve been a little skeptical of The Bees so I’m happy to hear how much you liked it.

    I’m overjoyed by the list; I think it’s the strongest shortlist in several years. I thought Outline was just outstanding, and I’m really happy to see Anne Tyler recognized for A Spool of Blue Thread.

  3. I really enjoyed The Paying Guests and How to be both so I’m pleased to see them on the shortlist. The Bees sounds pretty terrifying but definitely something I will be investigating…

  4. I loved The Paying Guests and there isn’t another nominated book I wouldn’t lover to read. If you guys get a copy of A Spool of Blue Thread, I’ll shadow read along with you. 🙂 It’s sitting on my book shelf itching to be read. No matter which book it is, I hope you enjoy it.

  5. Michael F.

    I am halfway through “The Bees” and am enthralled with it. I’ve grown so attached to Flora 717 and her story. I am also a big fan of Anne Tyler and am looking forward to reading “A Spool of Blue Thread” in the very near future. Given all the positive mentions for “The Paying Guests” I will, no doubts, have to add that one to my TBR list. Thanks to all for sharing their thoughts. Cheers.

  6. Great comp! I’ve read Sarah Waters, loved it. I can’t get along with Ali Smith, but I’d try anything else – especially Anne Tyler. I’ve been picking up some older ones of hers in second-hand shops, but not read one yet!

  7. Jane Mackay

    Oh dear. No Marilynne Robinson. I cannot forgive the judges. I know it wasn’t on the long list but it bloody well should have been; far too often some of the books on the Bailey’s long list (and the shortlist) leave me embarrassed as a strong supporter of women writers.

  8. It looks like a group of books I would enjoy but I am a little disappointed that there’s nothing new to me on that list. I suppose if it wasn’t for you, Simon, I wouldn’t have heard of The Bees, so I’ll give them that, but the other five are all pretty big names. I know that shouldn’t prevent them from being here, but it would be nice to see one or two more of the debut/less well known names from the longlist make it through.

    Then again, I suppose I have to remind myself that as a book blogger and voracious reader, my idea of big names in fiction is probably much wider than the average person’s. I just asked my brother and he hadn’t heard of any of them, so, erm, yay?

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