The Long Weekend; What Are We All Reading?

Here in the UK we are about to have the first of our Bank Holiday weekends (I don’t count Easter as a Bank Holiday, in fact I have never looked up why we have Bank Holidays and simply enjoyed them, maybe I should?) meaning we have an extra day off, which naturally is used by the sane of us to do lots more reading than we normally would. Yes, even those of us who have been judging books like crazy. Whilst I am still in reading mode for Fiction Uncovered (get ready for a longlist next week) I have decided to use this Bank Holiday as a holiday from those books and catch up with some books I have been meaning to read since they arrived here at Savidge Reads HQ. After rummaging through my shelves I have decided on this selection of books to keep me company over the next three days…

Some light weekend reading, guarded by Henry the Cushion Cat

Some light weekend reading, guarded by Henry the Cushion Cat

Now I might not read all of them, especially as one of them is ******* huge and another pretty large, but as The Beard is away working the whole three days I thought that I would go for a couple of epics. Hanya Yanagihara’s A Little Life has been getting some serious chatter over in America (Ann Kingman who I trust implicitly, along with Michael Kindness of course, has raved about it with no spoilers here) and while not out here until August the proof has been daring me to read it for a good few weeks now. The Wolf Border by Sarah Hall is another I have been meaning to read for a while, set in countryside of the Lake District this is a tale of a woman who has come back to the old home town she fled a very different person than when she left, oh and is trying to bring wolves back into their former habitat… sounds right up my street.

Long time visitors of the blog will know I love Kate Atkinson and A God in Ruins is the ‘alongside/accompanying’ novel to Life After Life which I thought was bloody marvellous. It is out next week and I want to get to it before it is talked about too much. Speaking of talked about, Elena Ferrante has been an author who has becoming something of a cult with lots and lots and lots and lots of the people I trust around the booksphere, My Brilliant Friend is the first of her much acclaimed Neapolitan Novels and frankly I wouldn’t mind escaping to Italy, so time to try her out. I will report back on what I manage to get through in due course, before all that though I am off to see Child 44 (the book is so good, I hope the film is so good too) tonight…

What about all of you? What are you reading or planning to read over the weekend, be it a long one or not?


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18 responses to “The Long Weekend; What Are We All Reading?

  1. David

    I recently bought a copy of the American edition of ‘A Little Life’ and for once I prefer the UK cover – wouldn’t want to be reading the American one on the bus, adorned as it is with a photo of – ahem – “Orgasmic Man”.
    This weekend I’ll be reading Alix Hawley’s “All True Not a Lie in It”, a Canadian debut novel about Daniel Boone, and Victoria Patterson’s “Drift”, a collection of linked short stories set in California’s Newport Beach. The former is so far very good, the latter a bit ho-hum: there is a puzzling quote from Michelle Huneven on the cover wherein she states that she had to keep putting the book down to catch her breath. I am forced to wonder why? Emphysema? Was she reading whilst doing strenuous exercise? Because so far (and admittedly I’m only two stories in) I’m failing to see the reason for Huneven’s respiratory distress. They’re rather ordinary, workmanlike stories, but I’m hoping it picks up as I have one of her novels on my tbr pile too.

  2. I really need to get on this Elena Ferrante bandwagon – I think you are probably the 1000th person to talk about her!

    And I can’t wait to read A God In Ruins – I’m with you, I LOVED Life After Life.

    Enjoy your lovely long weekend!

  3. Lovely pile there. Our reading weekend here in France started a little earlier, as May 1st is a holiday. And, since it’s raining heavily, I’ve already read ‘Dear Committee Members’ by Julie Schumacher – a frothy, funny little satire of academic life. I’m also reading Louise Penny’s How the Light Gets In. I’m a huge fan of her Armand Gamache novels set in the village of Three Pines in Quebec.
    Also on my nighttable: Tales of Genji, The Emperor Waltz and the letters of Vincent van Gogh. Gosh, that sounds pretentious, does’t it? I’ll probably succumb to a frenzy of crime fiction instead!

  4. Ha funnily enough I might get to Elena Ferrante book 2 The Story of a new name, after I finish my current read, Persephone book The Young Pretenders. I read My Brilliant Friend about two weeks ago and I think I’m hooked.

  5. I’m finishing The Lady From Zagreb for a review, and then – a frenzy of crime fiction sounds great! Adrian McKinty’s Gun Street Girl, Eoin McNamee’s The Blue Tango, and – a non-crime – Villa America by Lisa Klaussmann. But I change my mind depending on my moods. And I too want to read A God In Ruins before I’m sick of hearing about it. Couldn’t stop myself reading the Guardian review though, last night. Oh God, I wanted to finally finish James Ellroy’s Perfidia too…Btw, Marina, I’ll be interested to hear fully what you think of Dear Committee Member. Heard it’s very funny! Enjoy your weekends, people, long or not! (And may Glasgow Celtic win the league this weekend! That + the sun + my books = heaven!)

  6. kaggsysbookishramblings

    Possibly Trollope; possibly Joyce Carol Oates; possibly neither of these! I am between books and pondering…. 🙂

  7. Congrats on the Long List decision! I’m excited to see what you’ve been reading. I went the opposite direction of you and chose a bunch of quick reads (Bridget Jones 1 & 2 :-D) for this weekend even though it’s not a long one over here 😦

  8. I’m reading Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell. I’ve also just been sent a Little Penguin Classic, How Much Land Does A Man Need by Leo Tolstoy..

  9. cindy

    Yes, My Brilliant Friend is on my TBR list. I’m loving Crooked Heart by Lissa Evans – she was brilliant at The Books That Built Me at the Cafe Royal on Tuesday. Also getting to grips with non-fiction Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo – a big clear out can be so therapeutic. Have a happy reading weekend everybody!

  10. sharkell

    I think you will enjoy My Brilliant Friend. Strong characters and good writing. Can’t wait to hear what you think. I’m finishing Elizabeth is Missing and then moving on to either The Bees or The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessey. We don’t have a long weekend in Australia this weekend…

  11. Michael F.

    I am about 1/3 of the way through “The Orchardist” by Amanda Coplin and am finding it brilliant so far. Cheers!

  12. Happy bank holiday reading 🙂 I particularly like the sound of The Wolf Border by Sarah Hall. I am also really looking forward to seeing Child 44.

  13. ooh a little life seems to be a favourite a mo must try and get a copy at some point .

  14. I was hoping to get some serious reading done this weekend but it’s been overtaken by socialising dammit. Although I’m looking forward to seeing people I could do with a good stint…am reading Cloud Atlas at the moment and am a little bored…on the cusp of putting it down but wonder if I should crack on. Feeling like I’ll only appreciate it if I persevere and read the whole thing.

    Dying to read both the Wolf Border and A Little Life, however massive. Great selection!

  15. Four MSc dissertations 🙂
    Also “Honour” by Elif Shafak and the long awaited (I went to the launch at Gosh) of the “Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage” by the incomparably wonderful Sydney Padua. I have my goggles at the ready …

  16. Looking forward to hearing what you think of the Kate Atkinson – one of my favourite authors and I loved Life After Life.

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