The Fiction Uncovered Longlist 2015

I am thrilled, because this is the first time they have done it and I have keeping it secret for a few weeks, to be able to share with you the Fiction Uncovered Longlist 2015. After what has been a good few months of ‘extreme reading’ here are fifteen books that we judges (Matt Bates, Cathy Galvin and myself chaired by India Knight) are all very keen that you go and read, right now…

  • The Incarnations – Susan Barker (Transworld)
  • The Stray American – Wendy Brandmark (Holland Park Press)
  • The Redemption of Galen Pike – Carys Davies (Salt)
  • Dear Thief – Samantha Harvey (Jonathan Cape)
  • Wittgenstein Jr – Lars Iyer (Melville House UK)
  • The Way Out – Vicki Jarrett (Freight)
  • The Offering – Grace McCleen (Sceptre)
  • The Spice Box Letters – Eve Makis (Parthian Books)
  • Significance – Jo Mazelis (Seren Books)
  • Beastings – Benjamin Myers (Bluemoose Books)
  • The Four Marys – Jean Rafferty (Saraband)
  • Mother Island – Bethan Roberts (Chatto & Windus)
  • A Man Lies Dreaming – Lavie Tidhar (Hodder & Stoughton)
  • Animals – Emma Jane Unsworth (Canongate Books)
  • Mobile Library – David Whitehouse (Picador)

Indis has said “It is absolutely thrilling to have found such brilliant books, across such a wide variety of genres, and from authors that live and write all over the country. These are fantastic writers who deserve to be household names.” I agree it is a very diverse and interesting list, though I am probably biased somewhat but I think the list is a really eclectic one (well, I can tell you that for definite having read them all) and it is going to be rather difficult to whittle them down to a final eight for June the 18th. I have to say so far the judging process has been a real joy with lots and lots of laughing and delightful booky chatter, maybe the final meeting is where the gloves will come off? Ha!

For more information on all the books do visit Fiction Uncovered’s website here. I am off to go and do some more re-reading, in the meantime I would love your thoughts both on the books on the list (have you read any, are there any you are going to hunt out) and also the list itself. I’m very excited to hear what people think of it!


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8 responses to “The Fiction Uncovered Longlist 2015

  1. David

    I’m impressed – usually with these Fiction Uncovered lists I wonder quite whose radars they’ve supposedly gone under (authors like David Park, James Meek and Robert Edric have been on past lists – hardly unknowns) – but this list has half a dozen titles that had passed me by completely. In fact I’ve just ordered a copy of the Benjamin Myers as that one really appeals to me.
    Also it’s brilliant to see three story collections on the list – despite being called “Fiction Uncovered” not “Novels Uncovered” I don’t think there have been any short stories on previous shortlists, have there?

    Anyway, so far I’ve only read the Samantha Harvey and I’ll admit that I wasn’t a fan – I really liked her second novel “All is Song”, but whilst the quality of the writing in “Dear Thief” was as good, I found the whole thing a bit tedious and couldn’t quite figure out why she’d felt the need to write this story.

  2. Such a fascinating list. The only one I recognize is Grace McCleen and that’s because I read her debut, The Land of Decoration. Can’t wait to see a short list and the winner!

  3. snoakes

    Four of these were on my wishlist already (I’ve not read any though) and I’ve just added another five! Good selection.

  4. Annabel (gaskella)

    I’m a huge fan of Bethan Roberts – loved Mother Island (and My Policeman).

  5. I’ve not read any of them yet, but I do have one on my desk right now. Must bump it up the TBR pile. Looks like a great bunch of reading.

  6. Michael F.

    I confess I am not familiar with these writers. I’ve the copied the list to my phone so it will be with me the next time I’m browsing for a contemporary title. Cheers.

  7. P.

    Spice Box Letters is a game changer for Eve Makis. Timely story, rich and satisfying. Lots of threads all interwoven nicely. Will make u laugh and cry in equal measure.

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