A Golden Note(book) From Gran

Those of you who have been following Savidge Reads for the last however many years will know of Granny Savidge Reads. Since she died there has definitely been a big part of my life missing, especially the chats on the phone at least two or three times a week to put the world to rights and to talk about books – let alone trips to see her which always involved a bookshop or two if we could. Anyway, she made a random appearance in my booky life today as I was sorting out and culling my books. I had picked up Doris Lessing’s The Golden Notebook and I was wondering where I had got it from when I opened it up and…

Gran gave a Savidge review...

Gran gave a Savidge review…

…It was a book I had inherited from Gran, I didn’t realised that she left notes in some of her books. I also didn’t realise that she could be so savage, or Savidge, in her reviews of books – maybe I should be a little more Gran sometimes. In case you can’t read her writing she says ‘I hated this book but as it is highly regarded by many people & someone else in the family may appreciate it more than I have I decided to keep it.’ Wowsers! It was weirdly really nice to find this note and think that randomly I might be the member of the family who could appreciate it, though I am somewhat worried I won’t get it. It was also really nice to get a message, almost a footnote to the book from beyond the grave. It made me laugh and then made me cry, in a nice way if you know what I mean.

Anyway I thought I would share it with you as lots of you liked her thoughts and opinions. I am now wondering if I should be brave and try and read this in the late summer/early autumn and see if I agree with Gran or not, maybe some of you would like to join in – an unofficial read-a-long maybe, nothing too heavy yet something supportive, let me know. Oh and any thoughts on notes you’ve found in books, or even on The Golden Notebook (no spoilers though mind), that you have let me know. Back to culling, I have managed 419 books so far but feel I could do more – and I am off to my mothers tomorrow so want to take a nice big selection to her.


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14 responses to “A Golden Note(book) From Gran

  1. snoakes

    You are very lucky to have had someone in your life you could share your passion for books with. I know nothing of the book in question – it will be interesting to see if you agree with Granny, or if you are the family member or was always destined for.

  2. She N

    I’m with her, it is a tedious book. It one of the few I had to give up on. Boring book about tedious people. But wonderful to find her words x

  3. I LOVE the way your gran was so enthusiastic with you, chatting about books! It totally breaks down the gap in ages, and can do so between any two people. I’m glad your mum is such a fan of reading too – is she on the other side of the family from Granny Savidge? (Tell me to get lost if I’m being nosy!) I just think it’d be heaven to have such a bookish family – I think you mentioned your sister’s getting a pile too? Do you think Granny Savidge influenced you towards your “bookishness” – that is, if it weren’t for her you wouldn’t be SUCH a book fiend?! (And her writing is lovely; at least they taught people to write well in those days!)

  4. Annie

    This is why I mark up my books. I like the idea that I’ll be talking to a future reader at the same time I’m talking back to the past.

  5. kaggsysbookishramblings

    How lovely, Simon. I read The Golden Notebook – it wasn’t an easy read, and I struggled with some bits, but it was worth it I think – very profound and thought-provoking. Give it a try – you might just be the right family member for it…

  6. Oh yes! A friend told me I MUST read this; a feminist classic. I thought it dull and never got anywhere near the end, so I never got to the famed feminism part. I can’t remember anything of it ( I read it in the 1980s).
    I like the fact that instead of flinging the book your gran decided to write a “Savidge” crit and keep it for future readers.

  7. I acquired a copy of this from my mum recently and she said I could keep it, despite owning pretty much all her books she really hates Doris Lessing

  8. Annabel (gaskella)

    Can’t say I want to read this one, but my Mum used to write comments in her books too and stuff clippings in, or she left post-it notes attached for me, and I’m still finding them years later which is heart-warming. I blogged about it here.

  9. what a lovely note to find.

  10. Awww, lovely to still think she is still communicating to you through her left behind books.

  11. Aww, this is so sweet, I can hardly handle it! Totally makes me rethink writing in books.

  12. What a wonderful note to find! I sort of agree with her, having read The Golden Notebook last year. I’m glad I read it, it was thought-provoking and had some good bits, but it’s a big book and not at all straightforward. I’ll be interested to hear how you get on.

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