Sometimes You Have To Kickstart A Dream…

We all have dreams don’t we? Those ideas/projects/goals which we think about when things are a bit rough or just have as a focus for the future. Sometimes though you have to take a brave step and think ‘right, I want to make that a reality.’ This is what myself and The Beard have been thinking about over the past few months and plotting how we could make a dream become a reality. The first dream was a bookshop and cafe, me with the books and The Beard (being a trained chef, have you seen some of my Instagram dinners?) being in charge of the food. Lately that dream has shifted a bit as down the road a building came up on the market that instantly made us both think ‘Bookish B&B or readers and writers retreat’. We are seeing it at 4.15pm today*…

Bookish B and B

It’s huge (7 beds), it needs a lot of work, it could just be a pipe dream but it isn’t millions of pounds so not a bonkers hair-brained scheme. It could also, if we managed it be amazing. Well, we think so – but we would. A retreat where people can come, read and write lots, work with the local museum and bookshop and be ferried to the seaside/woods/island in the welsh channel and just escape – with some corking grub on offer.

What we have been wondering is if people think it is a good idea and also what people’s thoughts are on it being a creative kickstarter/crowd funding project. Now I have no clue about crowd funding and kickstarting (I don’t even know which are the best sites) but I thought that some of you might. So I was wondering if you guys had any thoughts on the best potential places we could head to and any examples of some great projects that have been done through this. Oh and of course if you think our idea is a brilliant one or really, really silly.

All that said we are just going to assess it today and it might not be a viable property for what we have in mind, yet it might give us more of an idea of what we are looking for. Sometimes you have got to go and find out though haven’t you, and dare to dream a little bit or even a big bit.  Let me know your thoughts and also let me know of any dreams or projects you have for the future!

*UPDATE – The Beard didn’t manage to get to the viewing so I am going back again with him on Thursday at 10am!



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23 responses to “Sometimes You Have To Kickstart A Dream…

  1. Ann

    Awwww-wwww- that is such a nice dream and the house you are looking at is gorgeous – I love it! Good luck.

  2. great idea simon a bookish b&b perfect capture your dream

  3. Bet

    No advice, but I LOVE the idea! Blessings on your effort!

  4. I don’t know anything at all about crowdfunding or kickstarting projects like this. But I would say that a B&B /retreat for readers and writers is a GREAT idea, especially if fantastic nosh is thrown into the mix. Books and food -what’s not to like?

    Good luck.

  5. I have no particularly useful insight, but the only time I’ve ever contributed to a crowdfunding project, it was run through IndieGoGo, which I found easy to use (if that’s any use?). I do think it is a GREAT idea, and I would love to stay in a bookish B&B/writers’ retreat, so if the dream does become reality I’ll watch your progress with an equal mix of excitement and jealousy 🙂

  6. Pencil me in 🙂 good luck.

  7. Sounds a lovely idea. I hope you can make a go of it. I’m considering at buying a bookshop at the moment, but it would be such a big step for me on my own it’s too scary to contemplate without a partner. It sounds perfect for you and The Beard.

  8. sarscoff

    I think it’s a brilliant idea – a real life Bachelor Brother’s Bed & Breakfast! Which is a hilarious book about a B&B that exists solely for people to go to where they can escape the reality of the world to focus on reading their books.

  9. Great Idea – Yes, please put me down for a stay. Sarscoff above is right – the Bachelor Brother’s B&B book would be fun to read right now – inspiration.

  10. JanetD

    I’m a great believer in going with your gut feelings. If you both think it feels right go for it. Too many of us hesitate to follow our dreams and then spend years regretting our missed opportunities.

  11. That’s a lovely idea. Re advice, the question is whether you want to offer rewards in return for the money a la Kickstarter, or if you want to try to just get money with the only reward being that you make the project happen. I think Indiegogo offers both options.

    Of course, rewards don’t have to be big. Friends of a local closed-down cinema Kickstarted a campaign to refurbish and reopen it as an arts centre and the rewards offered were old photos of the building and copies of the architect’s plans. (Sadly although they raised the money and ran a great campaign, the city council gave the lease to a restaurant instead.) Something similar could work for you. Plus of course you can offer a free stay or free meal to people who donate loadsa money!

    Don’t get disheartened if this particular property doesn’t work out. The dream is still worth pursuing.

  12. ReaderSP

    Looks awesome Simon, go for it!

  13. It’s a great idea. I have never used a kickstarter site before but it would be a great idea.

  14. I think it’s an excellent idea. No experience with crowd funding but it’s a good plan, the right sort of venture for it.

  15. Lisa

    Sounds like a perfect idea. Have a look here for an example of a successful crowd funding scheme;
    Vicky Holmstock is a lovely person and I’m sure she would be able to offer you some advice on crowd funding. I think it’s something that would be particularly appealing for the type of clientele that you are hoping to attract.

  16. This is a great idea!! And such a fun project for you both. I’m no crowd-funding expert, but I think if you are going to throw it open to that you’ll need to give it an edge.

    *Puts marketing hat on*
    You’ve got the books and food angel, but how could you take this to the next level to be utterly unique. What will you theme/ethos/brand be? Could you get people in to teach classes? Would you want to offer classes? (You could host specific writers retreats, artists retreats, cooking classes based on books or genres etc..) You can also work this around Liverpool and it’s cultural history (as you’ve mentioned). So many possibilities. You’ll also need to be able to give something back to those who back you, why should they care about a book/food retreat, how can you play on emotion. I think once you know what you want your brand to be you’ll be well on your way to getting what you need.
    *takes marketing hat off as feels icky for saying ‘play on emotion’*

    Best of luck with it Simon, it’s such a good idea.

  17. Fenella

    I love it of course. But then, we all would, wouldn’t we? You’re preaching to the chorus here.

    Some thoughts: you need to think about transportation. Is it a location that will require a car or could it be accessed without one? I speak from experience as a non-driver for a while.

    Nose In A Book is right. Usually campaigns offer something in return. So a fancy bike helmet with lights built in would provide a helmet in the first batch of production in return for £100 funding for example.

    You could do discounts and free meals. It would incentivise people investing in your project, but would also bring customers to your door who would spend more money and provide you with buzz and good reviews on sites like TripAdvisor.

    I use TripAdvisor and AirBnB a lot for finding cool places to stay. Even well-established B&Bs advertise on AirBnB – it’s not just people renting out spare rooms.

    And if you have wood-burning fires, I’m there. Nothing makes a room full of books so cozy as a crackling fire.

    You should watch Hotel Inspector. It’s great and will give you lots of confidence since the kinds of idiots on that show make you think “I could totally do better than that”.

  18. Go for it. It is a good idea and I am sure it will be successful

  19. This is a great book to use when tossing around ideas or wanting to engage in new ventures. It is still in print. Have a look.

  20. Absolutely wonderful idea. I would like to make a reservation right now!

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