Going Forward…

I have mentioned a couple of times in the last few weeks and months that I feel that Savidge Reads needs to have a rethink and a reassessment of where it is going and what it is doing. This is in part because I always think it is good to have a think about where you are at in all aspects of your life every now and again (I did used to be an Agony Uncle, so watch out sometimes I get all deep and therapeutic) and after a Fiction Uncovered FM segment with the lovely Naomi Frisby talking about reviewing now and the role of bloggers and all sorts of other shenanigans which really made me think about my role as a blogger – which when you sit at your laptop and type your reading diary you tend to forget.

I could write a long old blog about all the things it made me ponder, but that might head towards navel gazing and be quite a boring thing to read. Plus you can hear all the things I thought as I discussed them on the radio here and laughed about them. Instead I thought to make it short sharp and snappy (and keep it upbeat, no one likes a woe is me blog post, seriously they don’t) I would let you know what you will be getting from Savidge Reads moving forward – I love a bullet point or several…

  • More blog posts – now I have finished judging and have caught up there will be more reviews a coming (this was heightened only today when I was finding new spaces for new books and emptied one particular group of shelves which had over 60 books I have read but not reviewed lurking on it)
  • More commenting – I have been rubbish at commenting back I am so sorry, I am hoping reading over 100 books in three months will allow some forgiveness for this error
  • More books you might not have heard of – whilst I am sure I will fall foul to some hyped books (A Little Life will be my book of the year, some deserve ALL the hype) and of course want to be reading the next books by my favourite big authors like Margaret Atwood etc, but I really want to go off and find real gems hidden away from all over the shop and then share them with you
  • More features – I have some ideas for new features and series of blog posts coming, like Readers Retreats next week, you will also get more of the same, no blog tours though
  • More negative posts – It sounds odd to say its a good thing to write about more books I don’t like, but if you only hear about what I do like how will you have anything to compare it to? Also lots and lots of you loved my post tearing a new one into Andy Weir’s The Martian and so as long as I keep it constructive and only go totally to town on books selling millions, so the author couldn’t give a toss what I think, it is all win win
  • More me – as in more personality, not the ins and outs of my private life as no one needs more of that, just more of the me you hear on The Readers (snarky and banter based basically)

Erm, in a nutshell just more. I have the blogging bug back again, even though I don’t half feel rusty at it. Especially the reviewing part, I am dusting of the rust though and getting back in the swing tomorrow. In the meantime if you have any thoughts on what you would (or wouldn’t, there’s always one) like to see on Savidge Reads then let me know.


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14 responses to “Going Forward…

  1. Personality makes blogs I think it’s all about the person behind the blog

  2. I think more is definitely better. I look forward to it!

  3. at a time when several book bloggers have dropped, this is refreshing, bravo!

  4. Annie

    I am looking forward to all of these, Simon, especially bullet three.

  5. Sounds great. Must listen to you and Naomi!

  6. Love the blog, have done for a little while now 🙂 can’t wait to see more from you! x

  7. This all sounds great! And I’m afraid I’m particularly looking forward to the negative reviews – some much-hyped books do just deserve them (and so far we seem to dislike the same things, which is always reassuring).

  8. kaggsysbookishramblings

    Sounds good Simon! We need your opinions and thoughts and comments, whether good or bad – that’s why we read book blogs! 🙂

  9. quinn

    All fabulous ….many thanks….
    I thought u did amazing job w/ keeping up blog while u were in middle of all the book competition reading….really.
    love all your ambitions here….quinn

  10. Yay for more blogging! I embraced having a sort of life blog. Book blogging began to feel like work. I still blog books, but other stuff too. BTW, thanks for helping me decide if I should read The Martian. It went back to the library and I brought home Life After Life instead.

  11. Having only just discovered your blog yesterday, Simon, it looks like I’ve come at the right time! I love Margaret Atwood too but I’m really keen to discover new authors as I’ve been feeling like I’m in a bit of a reading rut. Look forward to your reviews 🙂

  12. OK, since you asked, I do think that when you ask our opinions (or suggestions) then a comment from you (even if it is some form of “get lost”) is certainly desirable. If you put up a post but with no request to us the reader, then please (on my part anyway), feel free not to comment on out comments.

    Proper criticism (+ or -) is always welcome and I certainly am happy to read about why you didn’t like a particular book.

  13. Glad you have the blogging bug back and I look forward to reading them again

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