Silenced By Technology

So it’s been a bit quiet around here this weekend, actually in reality at Savidge Reads HQ it has been a weekend of swearing at my computer screen or having endless hour long chats with techn-bods at the end of the phone all over the world. In short Windows 10 killed my computer and introduced the blue screen of death which restarts your computer for eternity. Seriously, horrendous.  

I could go on an indepth rant about how rude PC World’s staff were over the phone (the Know How team who don’t know how to empathise or be polite), how it took five calls to get someone at Microsoft to admit they understood what on earth I was talking about or how global company HP don’t have customer services on the weekends. I won’t. I will say thank you to my mate Adam who picked it up last night and has mended it and upgraded it and will deliver it later on this evening. In the meantime I am sat in the corner reading. Back properly soon… Hopefully!



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15 responses to “Silenced By Technology

  1. kaggsysbookishramblings

    Sympathies… But the good part is you get to read without distractions! 🙂

  2. David Nolan (David73277)

    Someone needs to invent a technology for communicating ideas that never needs a software update or charging. It should be easily portable, affordable and not too expensive to replace if damaged. Preferably it will sit quite comfortably in the hand and not be too heavy. Actually, someone did that hundreds of years ago: the book.

  3. I feel your pain, although it sounds like my upgrade was easy compared to yours. Mine just too 6 hours… When you get your PC back, make sure you turn off all the nasty data sharing settings that Microsoft have kindly applied without asking you…

  4. Hope you get it sort .part of the reason I hope a cheap chromebook was to avoid this situation

  5. I feel you. The Know How team know f all……I spent weeks being palmed off on Microsoft (who don’t answer the phone)…….at least I had more time for reading when my computer was down! Every cloud and all that 😉

  6. That’s why I have a Mac. Bloody expensive but in 8+ years of use never had any kind of problem. If only I could say the same about my broadband connection!

  7. Heh. And my partner wonders why I’m reluctant to upgrade to Windows 10 right away. When I do I’ll be calling him first when it all goes wrong! Glad you got it sorted in the end.

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