I’ve Had Visitors…

I have just had the joy of my mother and my little brother coming to visit for a few days and it has been really, really lovely. The weather was amazing and so we headed to Crosby and Anthony Gormley’s statue (see below) as well as going to Formby which I had completely forgotten was where my Great Uncle Len and Great Aunty Betty used to live, and so where my mother spent quite a few summer holidays visiting as a girl. We had gone to see if we could see any red squirrels and after a serious bit of hunting we did in deed see… one. Yes, just the one but still one was better than none.

My mother, some random man and I

My mother, some random man and I

Of course my mother being my mother, there was a huge amount of book chat that went on. In fact at one point my mother said ‘I am so sorry but with all these books on all these shelves I find it very difficult to talk about anything else without staring at the shelves and talking about what I have and hadn’t read.’ It is at moment’s like this that I know we are really family, ha. I also managed some rather good book shopping as in Formby we played, with my brother and The Beard (whose mother met my mother for the first time this trip, eek) of course, the Charity Shop Challenge – who could get the best gift for someone else, chosen from a hat, for just a fiver! We all did very well, though I did most well at finding these bargains for myself…

Bargain book haul!

Bargain book haul!

It has been a wonderful few days. There is nothing quite like some quality time with family and fresh air, or indeed a cheeky charity shop haul, especially when you get some real gems. None of these were more than £2. I am thrilled with all of the above and they will feed my current need for some older fiction between my contemporary reads. What have you been up to recently? Got any book bargains at all? Have you read any of the books that I managed to get my hands on?



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7 responses to “I’ve Had Visitors…

  1. kaggsysbookishramblings

    Wonderful finds, particularly the Gormenghast books – lucky you!

  2. Tulip Fever is excellent and The Fifth Child is unputdownable.

    Sounds like you had a lovely time with your mum.

  3. What a lovely pic of you and your mum. I love Alan Bennett but haven’t read that particular book. Alas, I gave up with Gormenghast but perhaps I should give it another go. I think I will.

  4. Can’t beat a day out to the seaside… do like the Charity Shop Challenge. Very nice haul!

  5. Kateg

    Lovely picture! Jealous of the Doctorow as it is a book club selection that I do not own! On the other hand, I will be missing book club to hang out in Petoskey with you! So you’ll have to read it and let me know what you think!

  6. I thought I knew all of Alan Bennetts work but the one in your picture is new to me. Am envious of that discovery. My own bargain is a hardback and author signed copy of How it all Began by Penelope Lively. 30p. I kid you not

  7. The Psychopath Test is brilliant, I look forward to reading your thoughts on it!

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