Your Thoughts; Board Games, Stationery & Incoming Books

I have been thinking about bringing some new posts to Savidge Reads, and indeed bringing some old posts back, so have been pondering them all. I then thought ‘hang on, who better to ask for some feedback on all this than those lovely folk who visit the blog’ and so that is what I am doing, I know I am like Sherlock in my deducing of problems, ha!

So, first up new ideas. One of them I have been thinking about for a while and it involves stationery. I have been a huge fan of stationery since time began, well since I was about eight or nine. I can spend hours and hours, and often have, in a Paperchase and am always hankering after a notebook fix. Myself and the lovely Kate of Adventures with Words, did try and start a blog on stationery alone back in 2014. I was rubbish, Kate was brilliant, we both got crazy busy. Well I am thinking of bringing the occasional stationery post to Savidge Reads as in general if you love a good book you love a good notebook… or twelve. What do you think?

The next new idea has a much less booky link and I have to admit I hadn’t thought of doing until I had an email this morning. The email was asking if I would like to review the occasional board game or two. Now admittedly I don’t play them often but I do love a board game and as the nights draw in and you long to sit in front of a fire of an evening (even when you don’t have one like me, weeps) sometimes you want to actually spend some time being social rather than having your face in a book. I know, it sounds crazy but it’s true. Well there are only so many more episodes of The Good Wife, which I am obsessed with, that I have left to watch and I used to love Monopoly, Cluedo, The Gunge Game, etc. So I am thinking about it, it could be fun every now and again?


Finally I am pondering whether I should bring back my incoming posts. Not everything that comes in to Savidge Reads, that would be bonkers and with so many unsolicited (and sometimes totally inappropriate) copies of books coming here it might make my fingers bleed. I am talking about the highlights, some books that you might want to check out in the forthcoming weeks and months. I love nosing at what other people get copies of, but it can seem show offy. Maybe there is another way I could do it? Could I consider bringing back some embedded vlogging?

I would love your thoughts on these, bringing back the old or keeping the new. Feel free to shout ‘what the hell are you thinking of Simon, the blog is Savidge Reads not Savidge Stationery or Savidge Games – what next from board games to yawn tastic ‘gaming’ on the computer and telling us all about that or maybe you’ll just start with a weekly post about kittens? ‘ or want to yell ‘Book blogs should be just that and nothing else, think on sunshine!’  I would also love to know if you have anything you would like to suggest for a new series of posts or any other feedback, like get on with commenting back (which is my next ‘thing’ over the next week) or things you don’t like on the blog, only the later if you put it nicely – ha! As always any feedback and thoughts on my thoughts are welcome. Blimey, that was only meant to be a short post.


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18 responses to “Your Thoughts; Board Games, Stationery & Incoming Books

  1. It’s your blog mate – you talk about whatever takes your fancy!
    Personally, although I love a good notebook, I probably wouldn’t have much interest in posts about stationery. Board games however – now that’s a different story. We love a good game in this household – I’d be particularly interested in games that work well with only two players.
    Whatever you decide, I look forward to seeing how your blog evolves. Don’t let the name hold you back!

  2. And I would love the occasional post about stationery (particularly beautiful notebooks). I love board games but have no one to play them with so wouldn’t be able to do anything with those.

  3. sharkell

    I think whoever you ask will have a different opinion so go with your gut and see how it works out. I used to love seeing photos of your kittens/cats and the odd incoming post would be nice so long as they are highlights as you have said.

  4. I love a good boardgame/tabletop game. We have quite the collection. Current favourites are Lyric, Smash Up and Ticket to Ride. A lot of our friends are very into gaming so we have access to quite the variety. We spent last Saturday with a big group playing Bananagrams and Linkee. There was much beer and much laughter.

    So yes, I support game reviews! Also, have you ever watched Tabletop on the Geek and Sundry YouTube channel? It’s hilarious.

  5. Kateg

    I think your blog should take whatever form you wish, discussing anything you like in addition to books. I am not a huge stationery fan ( well I probably could be a fan, but I do not need more vices), but would love board game reviews as I can be crazy competitive. The cat pictures make me smile ( and your blog does too).

  6. lwardein

    Write what you want to write about. I love books. I love stationery. I love games. Boggle anyone?

  7. Ann

    Whatever your heart desires. I will be here to read and comment if I can. You have cats/kittens. Awww-ww I would love to see them, also.

  8. Marcia

    Oh, I love stationery & notebooks, and especially pens of all sorts.
    Simon, I’ll read and enjoy whatever you choose to blog about.

  9. quinn

    I agree….do whatever floats your boat! and we’ll be here to read. How does one write about games??? mmmm…but u’ll figure it out. It’s Simon that we’re here to read about….so enjoy..we do.

  10. I enjoy reading your book posts, love stationery & board games…I think I might even read your shopping list!! 😉

  11. Post away! Give us what you want. The games idea sounds particular fun.

  12. I am a big stationary fan so would love reviews of notebooks and journals etc. also the occasional board game is good too. After all Waterstones sell all these things and they are a bookshop. I look forward to reading them.

  13. pam

    i agree with many of the others – do what feels right for you and we will follow! personally i’d give the thumbs up to stationery and the thumbs down to board games. i feel we MUST have more videos – your previous ones were a hoot and it’s always lovely to see your handsome face. and your cats.

  14. kaggsysbookishramblings

    As a fellow stationery addict, I’m *always* happy to read about stationery….. 🙂

  15. zeneedle

    It would be lovely to see posts on all of the above! I enjoy reading about you, your life, the books, your cats, other peoples bookshelves, and just about everything you do. Go for it!

  16. Jo

    Without stating the obvious – your blog do what you want on it/with it. It is your record of your ideas/thoughts/ramblings, the bonus is us readers get to share and perhaps pick up a book or two because you have recommended it.


  17. Oh, stationery. Ohhhhh. I have recently subscribed to Moustache Stationery. A box in the post every month. I have enough notebooks to last me 20 years, but still I buy them. More than interested in any new finds you have. 🙂

  18. Elizabeth

    I read your blog all the way from India. Some fact you can be happy about i suppose.
    I don’t think you will be bragging if you post some of the incoming books. I love to look at the books that people get to read 🙂 I will feel a bit jealous, but isn’t that natural?

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