I’m Off to America… The Readers Roadtrip is Finally Here!

It feels like I have been talking about, and indeed plotting, my trip to America for ages and ages when in actual fact it was only back in June that it was all discussed and booked. If you have been under a rock or somehow missed the excitement today, as this goes live, I will be taking off or flying away on my journey over to Washington DC where I will be meeting my lovely friend, blogger and co-host of The Readers podcast Thomas of Hogglestock, formly My Porch. We are then immediately off on a six day road trip recording the podcast as we go and falling into every bookshop we pass (and Dairy Queen or Mexican restaurant) as we head to Booktopia in Petoskey on Lake Michigan.


If you are wondering what Booktopia is, well, it is a two day bookfest of listeners of Books on the Nightstand (and in some cases The Readers too) organised by its hosts Ann and Michael (who I adore) and we will be on some panels with Ann and Michael talking about our favourite books as well as recording a special live episode of The Readers with an audience. Then hitting the road and many more bookshops on the way back to DC where I will then have a few days of mooching around – and seeing baby panda’s fingers crossed.

Now shamefully last year when I went to Booktopia Asheville, followed by Washington DC to stay with Thomas and then onto New York I seemed to tweet and facebook it and not blog about it – which was both foolish and bonkers. Not this time. This time I am going to do a series of posts over the next week and a half as Thomas and I make our booky journey around some of North America, and popping into Canada, so you can join us, sort of. It’s something a bit different but hopefully you will enjoy it! (If not book reviews will resume on September 29th!)


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7 responses to “I’m Off to America… The Readers Roadtrip is Finally Here!

  1. sharkell

    How exciting! Hope you have a great time.

  2. Have a great trip… look forward to hearing all about it… not jealous, no, not jealous at all… *mutters’jammy-bugger’*😜

  3. Ann

    Simon – have a great time in Petoskey –it is such a fun city! Have a piece of cherry pie – that is what they are famous for.

  4. Wow! Sounds like so much fun! Enjoy your trip!!

  5. Welcome to the US! Enjoy your wanderings and all. Just heard your last podcast, spoiler alert: too busy to blog? Say it isn’t so. Idea: briefest of blogs with teaser for upcoming podcast. Book list for us, short take for you. Love my daily walks with bookish banter. 🙂 Toni

  6. Enjoy the road trip and your trip to MI, and I hope my Ann Arbor recommendations work for you!

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