The Readers Roadtrip Day 1; Willa Cather & Losing It…

So the good news is that despite my fear of flying I had a pretty brilliant flight from the UK to the USA. Okay so I didn’t get any reading done but as the child next to me screamed if they had earphones on and screamed if they didn’t have their DVDs on, I had to watch movies as trying to read with Peppa Pig or Chuggington in my ears wasn’t working. Seriously, anyone up for grown up only flights? I would pay extra! 

So flight was smooth, as was customs and I came out to find Thomas’ happy smiley face waiting for me at the airport rating and ready to go to stop one… Willa Cather’s childhood home. And so we did combing the road side with our eyes for the sign and a place to park to get a much needed selfie…  

Look how happy we are there? I’m slightly delerious post flight and feeling like it’s 9pm when it’s 4pm but we were on form chattering away in the car about all sorts with some stunning views of mountains, forests and lakes…  

You can tell there’s a but coming can’t you? Well I needed a wee and as I got out the car I felt something was missing… My passport. Sure enough after we ransacked my bags, Thomas’ bags and practically took the car apart we realised it was missing. Either I’d dropped it at a service station (did I mention my belt broke on the plane so my trousers were rather prone to slipping and losing items) or Willa Cather’s childhood back yard, both of which were an hour and a half back down the road. I felt like my world had fallen in. 

An hour and a half later, and several frantic calls to every grocery in Virginia none of which were the one we’d been in, we left the shop in dire straights. I was feeling sick and thinking of all the paper work. We decided to try Willow Shade when we passed it but as it was pitch black and I was sure I’d had it in the store I had no hope. Well blow me down, after five minutes of searching by the torches on our phone WE FOUND IT. The elation. 

Though by this time we were three hours behind schedule and Thomas has motion sickness so now we’re checked into a random hotel in Cumberland, not the one we had booked in Morgantown, and I am feeling like the worst worst worst roadtrip companion ever. Fingers crossed today will be as ace as the first half of today… And just get better. Blimey!

UPDATE – It is 4am here and I’ve woken up for the second time as our random Ramada hotel backs on to the (fairly regular) freight train line. Choo Choo. You couldn’t make it up. I’m informed by my former Readers host this whole story makes it an official roadtrip. So that’s something. Oh. Here’s another train. Must. Sleep. More. Must. 


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11 responses to “The Readers Roadtrip Day 1; Willa Cather & Losing It…

  1. That could have turned out to be a trip with precious book buying time wasted on the bureaucracy of getting a new passport and total silence in the car as thomas fumed about his inept friend instead on engaging in bookish banter. So glad it was neither

  2. Oh dear, Simon, you are such a numpty. xx Why are you carrying your passport in your pocket?! Don’t you have a stylish man bag for important items? I’m glad you found it after all that anguish – this sort of required paperwork and queueing at embassies is the worst, so you dodged a bullet there and can be back to enjoying your bookish banter time and the road trip. Thank goodness Thomas is such a patient man! 🙂
    Safe onward travel, dears. Kx

  3. Oh Simon, what a way to start your road trip. I’m glad it all worked out, and now there’ll be smooth sailing the rest of the trip. Only one disaster per trip right? Isn’t that the rule. I certainly hope so. I know you and Thomas will have loads of fun and I look forward to both of you regaling us with tales from the road.

    Safe travels, and try to stay away from those pesky trains!

  4. Ann

    Simon, after a flight to Tennessee where a baby screamed the whole time –I found out that children’s ears hurting from the flight is usually the reason for the non-stop screaming. Glad my flight was only 3 hours or so. I feel sorry for you having to experience it for so many hours.

  5. So glad you found your passport! Now you can definitely enjoy your trip. Have loads of bookish fun and don’t forget to indulge your sweet tooth at DQ 🙂

  6. On the bright side – look at you standing in front of Willa Cather’s childhood home. That is really something to treasure.

  7. I hope that was all the aggravation for the whole trip over with at once! I agree about adults-only flights. Sometimes you just need to get some rest.

  8. Once, on the way to the airport in Maui, my ID fell out of my pocket at the gas station. Luckily, I figured it out only about 20 minutes later and it was right by the pump we used. That is absolutely the worst feeling though so I’m very glad your passport behaved and stayed put as well!
    Also, I am very jealous of your visit to a Willa Cather landmark.

  9. You were so close to where I live. Wish I’d known–could have met up for lunch or breakfast or something. You were only about an hour from me. And Morgantown is where my bestie lives.

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