The Readers Roadtrip Day 2; Birds Nests, Buffalo, Niagara & Canada

I quite like living on the edge and I have done that twice in the last twenty four hours. It started straight away with a change of plans as Thomas decided we would ditch Pittsburgh and head to Buffalo – as a punishment for my naughty behaviour the night before, ha not really. So we hit the road early straight away and headed to Buffalo. One thing was on my mind… My first American breakfast, we found a corker.   If you’re ever passing Bedford Pennsylvania then serious head to the Birds Nest Cafe, it was wonderful in both ambience…

And in choice, I went for the Farmers Daily, which was three egg omelette red peppers bacon and mushroom, plus some of the best buttered toast and fried potatoes I have ever eaten. Ever. I could have become a farmer just to have it daily. 

And they had a great selection homemade of cookies which Thomas and I definitely didn’t take 12 of each, oh no, definitely not.  

Okay so we did. We then drove for four hours to Buffalo, not sniggering at signposts on the way…

Our Buffalo aim was to find some shops (where I could get a belt and a baseball cap and man bag with bears on) and couldn’t so we had to park and eat some more. I had my first ever fried green tomatos, which were amazing… 

Followed by a ‘light bite’ which was anything but a light bite and in fact a ginormous pulled pork sandwich with Mac and Cheese which I adored. We then head to Niagara where on the outskirts Thomas introduced me to yet more food in the form of my very first Dairy Queen. I somehow managed to eat it all.  

Then, after a trip through customs we finally got to Niagara Falls where it decided to unless torrential rain just as we got our the car park blinding our view and getting us soaked.   

But once it passed… Wow. 

I stood on the edge and everything. The noise and the actual size just cannot be done justice to. Nor can the full force of it when you’re stood next to it. Even when you’re taking a selfie.  

I was mesmerised. And top tip the Canada side really is the better view because you really are on top of it.  

Look at those crazy America people on a massive metal ledge miles away.

Exactly see, you can’t even see them. Crazy. So a life long dream has been filled (which was amazing) my daily dream of amazing breakfasts has been reached and I have tried lots of new foods. No books though, yet. I’ve still a week to go, ha!


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10 responses to “The Readers Roadtrip Day 2; Birds Nests, Buffalo, Niagara & Canada

  1. pam

    I LOVE THESE UPDATES!! 🙂 please keep them coming. in my imagination, i am travelling along with you guys. so proud of you both for veering off-plan. that’s one of the brilliant thing about road trips – you don’t have to stick to the schedule. what a sense of freedom. i also love to see america through a brit’s eyes. fab, fab, fab.

    can’t wait to see what you all get up to next.

  2. Looks like you are having a wonderful time. It looks as wet at Niagra as it was in Wales last week 🙂

  3. Karen B

    I really love these updates! I haven’t been on a road trip in a very long time and I’m living vicariously through the two of you. Niagra Falls is beautiful on both sides, but AMAZING from the Canadian side. I’m glad you’re enjoying your trip! It sounds fabulous to me.

  4. Rhonda

    A road trip food trip book trip perfection.

  5. Roger Park

    A great column (and I agree that Niagara is best from the Canadian side. Did you feel mesmerized as you stood by the edge looking at all that water going over? It almost makes one want to jump! But, don’t!)

  6. My one and only visit to Niagara falls was after a long day of being harassed by Canadian immigration (single women are suspicious apparently) and not being able to use my credit cards to get money anywhere. After arriving hours later than planned at my Niagara hotel and recounting my tale of woe on check-in, they took pity on me and said they were upgrading my room. I didn’t really think much of it (it was pretty late and I was tired), but when I woke up and threw open the drapes, I found myself looking straight down onto the falls. I will never forget that stunning image as long as I live. So glad you got to see it!

  7. Your trip is turning out great. I love the stops for food – yummy! Your DQ sundae looked so good! I love Niagra Falls – it is a beautiful place to visit. That’s so great you got a chance to see to it. Keep up with these posts – they are terrific! Have fun!!

  8. Since you were that wet you may as well have gone the whole hog and gone for a swim. By the way if you keep eating American style you’ll need to find new trousers not just a belt.

  9. Jinny

    Pulled pork is “shredded pork”.Who renamed it?

  10. A Taste for Books

    It looks an amazing trip, and with amazing food!

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