The Readers Roadtrip Day 7; A Whole Lot of Road to Cover from Cleveland to Washington DC (With a Sprinkling of Bookshops En Route!)

I have had some funny nights sleep in my time but this America trip has given me the oddest. So admittedly I have slight jet lag and time displacement but honestly last night I woke up convinced I was being strangled. Proper weird stuff. It could just be I have caught Thomas’ sore throat but needless to say it freaked me out (as I my dream I was being strangled and the sensation carried on as I was waking. It took a couple of episodes of The Archers to relax me and send me back to sleep. So it’s fair to say I was fairly grumpy leaving Cleveland though surprise surprise an amazing breakfast in a market cafe helped, as did a visit to Horizontal Books before we left Cleveland proper. 

I had noticed on Twitter that it was Diverse Author Day and so with that in mind I managed to buy three titles I had never heard of before. The only problem was finding them. Horizontal Books does what it says on the tin, has all its books shelved horizontally, however they also put books standing up in front of them and completely out of sync with what was behind them. I struggled on though (ha) and came away with these titles… 

We then hit the road for hours and hours and hours, managing to finally record an episode of the podcast in the car as we’ve been talking far too much gossip and rude things up until now, before heading through Hagerstown where Thomas just slipped into the conversation that there was a second hand bookstore with over 10,000 books in it. Of course I demanded we go to Wonder Book pronto…

And it was pretty darn good.

I had to think of my luggage allowance though so was quite restrained. We then headed back to the car for another two hours and finally arrived in DC to the welcome of John and of course Lucy, who if ever a dog would make me want one its her. Seriously, look at her…

We then had grilled cheese, my first ever and well done Thomas it was pretty damned good before an early night and the best nights sleep I’ve had in a week or so. I have now planned a full day ahead in Washington, which even though I have just sorted out the books I have bought so far involves more bookshops. 

What do you think of my purchases so far, read any of them?


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6 responses to “The Readers Roadtrip Day 7; A Whole Lot of Road to Cover from Cleveland to Washington DC (With a Sprinkling of Bookshops En Route!)

  1. Simon, I read WINTER PEOPLE the year Jennifer McMahon was supposed to be at Booktopia Vermont. She, unfortunately, got too ill to attend. I don’t normally read horror or creepy, but WP qualified and I went back for more this year getting her NIGHT SISTERS.

  2. I haven’t read any of them but I have The Winter People on my nightstand and a couple others are on my wish list. And, I love Muriel Spark – haven’t seen that particular book. You’re like me in reverse. When I go to the UK, I go hog wild in the bookstores. I’ve *never* gone into Persephone Books and come out without a bag.

  3. Karen B

    I read The Winter People last winter while snowed in. The back of my house looks out into woods… Kind of creepy! You sound like you’ve been having a great time. I can’t believe how many bookstores you’ve been to! I have no independent bookstores near me. It’s pretty sad!

  4. pam

    thanks so much for this fab update! lucy is adorable and i want to drive up there right now and pet her. i’ve never read any of the books in your pile. like nancy (above) i tend to load up on books when i go to the UK. i travel very light – just a backpack – so i simply collect books along my travels then box them up and post them back home before departing. go for it, simon. don’t be held back by baggage allowance! also, books are heavy and you don’t want to cart them around. be free!
    enjoy your trip and please keep us up to date. i love it that you are including commentary on your various meals. enjoy!

  5. I haven’t read any of those, but I the Muriel Spark looks like it has a lot of promise.

  6. I really liked The Monsters of Templeton, look forward to hearing your thoughts on it. And I’ve had Poison Penmanship on my wishlist for years so I am jealous of that one!

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