The Readers Roadtrip Day 8; Wandering Round Washington

Really today was a Reader Roadtrip as Thomas had to work and so I took myself off out for a day in Washington DC. As you might have guessed the first thing that was on my agenda, so I headed to Founding Farmers for my favourite of all things Eggs Benedict, which I could eat all day…

I could actually eat it twice or thrice a day if it came with leek hash browns like these did. Yum, yum, yum. Anyway after the food fest it was time for some serious sightseeing. First was the Washington Monument…

I had wanted to see the White House again close up after last year but the Chinese President was in town and this is as near as I could get…

I got a corking view all of the sights though from the monument… 

On both sides…

After all that swift sightseeing I headed to the one museum that everyone who has ever been has told me I should head to, The Holocaust Museum, which I have to say was one of the most incredible, moving, upsetting and important museums I have ever been too.

I am going to do a seperate post on this because I think that it is so incredible, horrifying and thought provoking. I just need to process my thoughts a little more. I came out needing to be very quiet and still and then really needing to cheer myself up, so guess where I went?!? 

Book shopping of course! In the space of an afternoon I hit Books for America, Second Story Books and Kramerbooks (pictured above) and made sure I bought one or two books in each, as any book lover would. After that it was time to meet Thomas and head back to his for a night of pizza, Pina Colada’s, telly and Lucy… Of course. 

An ideal day all in all. The days have suddenly whizzed by and there are less and less ahead of this trip. Weeps.


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6 responses to “The Readers Roadtrip Day 8; Wandering Round Washington

  1. I’ve so enjoyed following along with your adventures. Want to climb through this screen for that eggs Benedict.

  2. David

    That first bookshop pic: crikey, that William T. Vollmann book is seriously THICK!

  3. Eggs Benedict are my favorite breakfast – if they’re good. I had some pretty nasty ones about a week ago.

  4. pam

    here’s how my brain reads your post:

    EGGS BENEDICT!! holy crap!! amazing!!
    LUCY!! holy crap!! i want to pet her!!!

  5. Nancy S

    Love Founding Farmers….and you’ve given me some great ideas of places to go for new adventures!

  6. Ann

    Simon – some local restaurants around my town in Michigan do not really know what Eggs Benedict is. I ordered it at one restaurant and I swear they ran next door and bought me an egg McMuffin from McDonalds!

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