And I’m Back…

Though not quite back in the land of the living I am not far off, I don’t think. Jet lag has hit rather heavily since my return flight on which I got no sleep, so I spent all of Monday in an over tired fog. Yesterday was sorting everything out day after a corking twelve and a half hour sleep, which involved lots of shopping (because it was my first new job pay day, I bought one book which wasn’t even for me) and then sorting out of my luggage and loot. Here is my final collection of book haul from America… 

I think I did quite well with this nineteen strong haul! There’s some brilliant bargains, some random risks, some US only published chances, some gems I didn’t expect and two books I was bursting to buy. All in all a grand old haul. I will be telling you about them all over the next weeks, months and possibly years. Ha. I also came home to a small, select and brilliant bundle of parcels…

Today I have been back to work which has been a small effort as I have felt I have been behind a screen watching everything at a distance (my team were all so lovely to me about it) and at once point I thought I was seeing things at one meeting…

I wasn’t. I was just having a meeting that involved a Dalek. As you do. Can you see why I love my job?!? Now I am super shattered and am watching the semi final of the Great British Bake Off before going to bed with a book that probably going to terrify me more than any episode of Dr Who…

So what have you all been up to? What are you reading? What’s new? Let me know, or I will weep and being as overtired as I am that is quite likely!!!!


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4 responses to “And I’m Back…

  1. What a haul! I just read a response to Winterson’s adaptation and am curious about them. I’ve just started The Heart Goes Last and so far am enjoying it.

  2. continuing Rizzoli & Isles series, currently on book 6 🙂

  3. Larissa Surace

    Looks like you had a fantastic time in the US! I really enjoyed reading each day’s running commentary! And dam those fried green tomatoes looked amazing!!!! I’m currently reading Carys Davies The redemption of Galen Pike, it’s my first short story collection and I’m really enjoying it.
    Enjoy your book haul and I look forward to another episode of You Wrote The Book and The Readers!

  4. sharkell

    A new Per Petterson – how exciting! I’m reading the second book in The Border Trilogy by Cormac McCarthy. The first part bored me to tears (which is saying something as I am a big fan) and I abandoned it temporarily. My husband talked me into picking it up again and I’m so glad I did as I’m really enjoying it now.

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