That Old Chestnut, What Do I Really Want To Be Reading?

Hip, hip, hooray and cheers all round… I have finished reading my first novel in over a month. A huge thank you to Ruth Ware’s In A Dark Dark Wood which has proved the perfect thriller to (cliché alert) grip me and have me page turning like a loon, more on that soon. I have also spent some of the weekend streamlining, rather than culling, not only my mighty bookshelves but also my ‘read’ shelves and the shelves (yes, shelves) of books that I have yet to review that I have read this year.

I have pondered the books I have read to see if I want to keep them. I have whittled out books I thought I wanted to review but actually am not so sure I do (there are lots of Fiction Uncovered submissions etc where I am not sure it’s appropriate or, worse, if I have very much to say – ouch) and the ones I have been busting to tell you about and have been a busy sausage and not done, yet. The shelves (and shelves) of books I have yet to read has been the hardest to whittle down and to be honest I have barely made the tiniest of dints or dents or whatever. The reason being I feel I am back at that crossroads in my reading life we all go through every so often where we ask… What the **** do I really want to be reading in the future?

The answer is alas illusive because I don’t like my reading straight forward or clean cut, who does? I don’t only want to read one genre, I don’t only want to read certain authors (though it would be nice to return to some of the ones that I love and have failed to read again, as seeing Brooklyn reminded me) and I don’t want to only be reading books that change my life – that would be exhausting, sometimes you need some fantastic escapism be it ghosts, crime or fairytale, not that they can’t change your life. I want to read the odd prize winner, I also really want to head off the beaten track and go and delve into the lives of casts of characters I will fall in love with the stories of all over the world. Sooooo many books, so little time – it’s sods law isn’t it?

I do know that I want to avoid some of (not all, but some) the big shouty hyped books. Twitter has been giving me a slight headache when I have been popping back online, I am on less frequently yet the same titles and voices seem to be shouting about the same books. I was actually saying to Rob, Kate and Gav earlier today how it’s become quite odd going from someone so in the industry and the chatter to now being much more on the outside. That’s not a bad thing, it means I can go rogue, which is the plan I think. Though an unplanned plan, no rules and no deadline reading for me for a while I think*.

Over the past few months on and off I have said I want to give Savidge Reads a slightly new direction, I am just still not quite sure what it is. However with 2016 looming and a new period in my professional and personal life having started I think that whatever that change will come in January. I am just going to pick up books by whim until then and see where they guide me. After all that was what Savidge Reads was meant to be (and is on the whole) from the off; the ramblings (verbal and literal) of a book lover on his journey discovering great books, so let’s see where that takes us shall we – as obviously I am expecting you to all come along for the ride. In the meantime while that all tinkers in my head it’s back to that pesky question of which book to read next?

*Unless some amazing book prize comes a knocking.



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9 responses to “That Old Chestnut, What Do I Really Want To Be Reading?

  1. I like the idea of a Rogue Savidge Reader. I was going to say no more big hyped books too after failing to love (although I did enjoy in a more soap opera way) A Little Life, but along came City on Fire – which I am around 100 pages into and enjoying much more. Are you going to give that one a go?

  2. Karen

    I just finished the same book a few weeks ago! It certainly was a page turner. I’m almost done with Career of Evil, which I’m flying through. I just don’t know where to go next. Something old? Something new? Award winning? Maybe something a little creepy for Halloween like The Night Sister. I really enjoy following you on your blog and listening to the podcast. You give me so many great ideas for books to read. Enjoy your random reading! I’m sure you’ll inspire me to read something amazing!

  3. I love this as I struggle with all of these things myself. I feel like I have read more new releases in comparison to previous years so maybe that is why? I haven’t taken the time to read old favorites like I usually do….I don’t know but I completely understand this post and trying to figure it out 🙂

  4. sharkell

    I have spent muchof this year reading from my shelves – 40 out of 70 books so far this year. It has been a rewarding experience and I have read some gems and some duds. I go by whim most of the time but I did make a list of books I wanted to read at the beginning of the year and have used that when I get stuck with what to read next (I’ve only read half the books on the list). The one thing I have missed is the conversation about new releases but hey, I can live with that. I don’t honestly think I’ve reduced the size of my tbr pile (can’t stopbuying new books) but I have read a lot of authors/books that I’ve been meaning to read for a long time. You’ve probably noticed by now that we will read whatever you ppst so go with your heart and read by whim and don’t worry about the reviews that you haven’t read already – start afresh – it’s cathartic!!!

  5. I went through my unread books last week and pulled around 60 of them that no longer interested me. Really, the question I asked myself was if I was excited about each book and these ones I had to answer no, I was not excited about reading them anymore. I actually feel much happier letting them go and making room for new books (to go with the other 160 or so that I still have unread! ;P).

  6. Had the same ‘what to read’ dilemma myself the other day, and with hundreds of unread books here it’s a bit of a worry at times when nothing takes your fancy. In the end I went for Web of Darkness by Bali Rai which is a YA thriller, and it was great so I feel happier about that. I’m also reading Landfall which is brill, though about boats, so maybe you won’t fancy that?!

  7. Picking up books on a whim sounds like the best reading plan! I look forward to reading all about these new discoveries.

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