Catching Up With Myself and All of You…

Blimey it has been a bonkers week or so. I swore to myself that I would get some more reviews up on the blog last week and this week but it seems I am slightly delusional, or I just think overly hopeful which is much nicer, as with trips to Paris and back, fireworks for over 15,000 people, the installation of the stunning poppies and then Remembrance Sunday and today, the shortlist for the Green Carnation (annouced 2pm on the 12th of November) to sort and administrate, my mothers 50th and another trip to London for a few days of meetings in the morning… I have run out of time. Phew! It does give me a reason to share a picture of the Poppies Weeping Window now housed in Liverpool until mid January again though, this was taken by me on Sunday as over 13,000 poppy petals showered down to remember all those who lost their lives in WWI from Liverpool. Stunning and incredibly moving, do come and see them…


…Anyway, whilst I catch up with myself (and I have Monday off next week so am planning a lovely long weekend at my mother’s partying then coming home and chilling for two days) I thought I would catch up with all of you and ask you how everything was going on and what is going on in your book worlds!

So what is new? To steal from one of my favourite sections on The Readers… What have you read, what are you reading and what are you thinking of reading next? I have read Sophie Hannah’s The Visitors Book,  I am reading Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World (I have literally read about three pages) and am planning on turning to Margaret Atwood’s collection Stone Mattress  next. You?


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15 responses to “Catching Up With Myself and All of You…

  1. jananav

    I love the poppies! Thank you for the beautiful photo. For one, I have read Stone Mattress and very much enjoyed it. I hope you do as well. I am reading Slade House after spending a lovely evening with David Mitchell in NYC last week. It’s the perfect blustery, dark, autumn night read.

  2. Gorgeous photo! I recently finished Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Shuttle and *loved* it. Am currently reading George Eliot’s Silas Marner (and let’s be fair, anything would have trouble after The Shuttle), and am hoping upon finishing Marner to be reading not-a-classic. 🙂 Happy Birthday to your Mom, and a relaxing weekend to you.

  3. I just finished the new Bill Bryson book, which was excellent, had me laughing out loud. Currently reading one of Susan Hill’s Simon Serrailler crime novels, and have too many choices of what to read next!

  4. Beatrice

    The poppies are stunning! I am just finishing Orlando by Virginia Woolf (my first by her and why on earth haven’t I read her before!?), just about to start Jamaica Inn by, your favorite, Daphne du Maurier followed by I think Someone at a Distance by Dorothy Whipple.

  5. Where are the poppies falling from? Did they shoot them out of cannons or something? I’m currently reading Will Shetterly’s Nevernever because apparently I can’t get enough of 90s contemporary fantasy. But I think some Edward Gorey’s next up after I finish this.

  6. Holly

    Sweetland by Michael Crummey. The story of an old man in Newfoundland who resists the Government’s offer to pay off the residents of an island if they all agree to relocate to the mainland. An absolutely beautiful book about loss and identity and letting go. The Newfoundland setting is a character in itself. Read the whole thing thing in two sittings. Recommend.

  7. David

    Lovely photo, Simon. I’ve not been getting very much reading done lately due to a barmy amount of work to get through before the end of this month, but…

    Just finished reading: Andrew Miller’s ‘The Crossing’ which is beautifully written and powerful though slightly puzzling, and Truman Capote’s Complete Stories, three or four of which are absolute classics (the rest are good too).

    Currently reading: André Alexis’s ‘Fifteen Dogs’ which has just won the Giller Prize (I managed to read all twelve longlisted books this year) – it’s an interesting concept (the gods Hermes and Apollo grant human thought to some Toronto dogs) but I can’t help thinking that only the quality of the writing is saving it from being a bit silly; and Simon Van Booy’s new story collection ‘Tales of Accidental Genius’.

    Planning to read: Lauren Groff’s ‘Fates and Furies’, hopefully before the winner of the National Book Award is announced on the 18th for which it is a finalist (I’ve read the other four on the shortlist – at the moment I’d be happy to see either Adam Johnson or Hanya Yanagihara win). Also want to read Louis Auchincloss’s ‘The Rector of Justin’ which is a book I randomly stumbled upon recently.

    Can I also second Holly’s recommendation (above) for ‘Sweetland’ – it’s a wonderful book that starts off as a (seemingly) very stereotypical Atlantic Canada small fishing village-y type of novel (oh no, not again, the reader thinks) and then throws in a brilliant twist.

  8. Catherine

    Went to see the ones in London and would be really nice to see those ones as well. In the meantime, seeing them in your photo is wonderful. Beautiful work and poignant idea.

  9. sharkell

    I have just turned the last page of The Secret Chord bt Geraldine Brooks – a 5 star read for me. Next I am finally getting around to read H is for Hawke which I have chosen for 2 of my bookclubs.

  10. quinn

    Congrats on so many fabulous projects well done. Reviews or no reviews, it’s such a blast to see what the job and life experiences your blogging (and talents) have brought to u…and u to them.
    Beatrice and I are on same reading boat..just read ‘Orlando’ my first Woolf and yes why haven’t i read her before!
    Recent finishes ‘Answered Prayers’ “Tipping the Velvet’ ‘Bad Feminist’, ‘Mr Pip’, Lipspector short stories, and da da..last vol of ‘Dance to Music of Time’…can highly recommend all.
    So keep us posted on your adventures…big cross Atlantic hugs.

  11. This week’s highlight has been a book titled ‘Place Waste Dissent’, published by Influx Press. It is arty, anarchist, and powerful. Obviously niche in reach but will be on my list for best of 2015.

  12. I am also reading Brave New World. Not sure what I will read next. I quite fancy some non fiction but when December comes I want to read some new Christmas books and revisit old favourites

  13. Being French, I read Joel Dicker in French. But an American friend is totally fan of him. Therefore, I sent the links to your blogs to Paris and I see he is now following you and posting your posts on his FB page. I hope you did enjoy “my town” and visited or went to the several bookshops for books in English when you were not interviewing Joel Dicker.
    I mostly read (and write) in English, am aware of what is going on in your literary world, but my tastes are more “classic” for a very practical reason: new books are too expensive. ‘Tis a pity…
    Great reviews from you (including your travelogues)!

  14. Elizabeth

    I am currently reading a collection of short stories, Memory Wall, by Anthony Doerr. This is the second collection I have read by him and they are very impressive.

    Up next, Judy Blume’s newest book, In The Unlikely Event.

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