Young Writer of the Year Award 2015 (Who Would Like To Win A Signed Set of the Shortlist?)

I have been feverishly lost in the world of sneezes and coughs for the last week and so missed the announcement of The Sunday Times/Peters Fraser & Dunlop Young Writer of the Year Award 2015 (wow that’s a mouthful)  shortlist earlier in the week for authors under 35. The four shortlisted authors and their works are…

  • Ben FergussonThe Spring of Kasper Meier, a critically acclaimed historical fiction debut
  • Sarah HoweLoop of Jade, a poetic exploration of heritage and identity
  • Sunjeev SahotaThe Year of the Runaways, his Man Booker shortlisted second novel
  • Sara TaylorThe Shore, a Baileys-nominated collection of interlinked short stories

Now I have to admit that I have all three of these on my shelves (well Sarah Howe popped through my letterbox yesterday which was nice of her) but have yet to get around to any of them because clearly I am a fool. I do like the sound of all four of them. I know Rob of Adventures with Words loved the Fergusson and Kate has raved about the Taylor, obviously Sahota was up for the Booker and the Howe was new to me but exciting (and slightly petrifying as its poetry which I always think I am rubbish at understanding yet really enjoy) because I hadn’t heard of it and wanted to know more.

Anyway, before I move on to giving away a signed set of all four of the books and how you can win them, I will just flag up the fact that if you happen to be in London the on Monday then there is a special free Foyles event happening with 3 of the shortlisted authors and 3 previous winners, who will be in conversation with Sunday Times Literary Editor Andrew Holgate more here I wish I could go, I’m quite jealous. The winner will then be announced at a ceremony on Thursday 10th December.

So, the question you now all want to know, how can you win a signed set of the four shortlisted titles? Well I thought I would make it simple… ish. I say ish because I was going to do a post around it and struggled, though this might have been because I was off my face on Lemsip. Anyway. What I would love you to do is tell me who your favourite author under 35 is and why, recommendations of their titles would be a delight too! Good luck, you have until midnight GMT on Friday the 27th of November!


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14 responses to “Young Writer of the Year Award 2015 (Who Would Like To Win A Signed Set of the Shortlist?)

  1. Louise O’Neill, author of ‘Only Ever Yours’ and ‘Asking For It’. Favourite because her books challenge as well as being good reads.

  2. Nordie

    your post has been tweeted no matter what.

    I will admit that I have avoided YA for many a year, in no small part because I fear the “talk down to the genre because, well, they don’t know the same words I do (like “patronising”)”. Please tell me what I’m missing out on!

  3. Jessie Burton, author of The Minituarist. Such a brilliant and clever debut.

  4. Mark Allen

    I am gong to be sneaky and say Emily Bronte as she was under 30 when she wrote Wuthering Heights, and as she died soon after, she will not age, just like her famous novel. How someone with such a sheltered upbringing wrote about love, death and relationships so well is a miracle. So that’s my vote, Simon..

  5. Karen Russell….her stuff is wonderfully weird….especially enjoyed her short story collection Vampires in the Lemon Grove.

  6. The best new young author I recently discovered is Katherine Faw Morris. Her debut Young God is amazing.

  7. Looking over my reading from the past year, I’ll have to go for Chigozie Obioma. ‘The Fishermen’ was simply fantastic.

  8. I may be cheating in saying SARA TAYLOR! The Shore is one of my fave books of the year, by far, so I would definitely want to try out these other authors in league with her. And I’d like to own a copy of her book in print that I can touch and love upon. If the giveaway is international. 🙂

  9. Marta

    Emily St. John Mandel. “Station Eleven” was one of my favorite books of last year. I also loved her first book “Last Night in Montreal.”

  10. Hi. Thanks for this post. I was so filled with enthusiasm that I thought I might pop along to Foyles tonight. Sadly (for me) and great (for them) it’s a sell out already!

  11. The Minimalist author Jessie Burton – such talent for storytelling and creating a sense of time and place.

  12. I would definitely say Heat and Light by Aussie Ellen van Neerven. It is a short story collection divided into 3 parts – a contemporary indigenous family saga, a futuristic SF novella about plant people and finally a collection of her short stories. Most importantly it’s set in grater Brisbane and SE QLD, my home town! Anyway, van Neerven is amazing at reinventing the ‘indigenous storytelling’ genre. It’s hugely contemporary and incredibly thought provoking. I spent ages wondering what made it ‘indigenous’ rather than ‘LGBT’ or even just…literature. Sort of how Ali Smith transforms genres.

  13. Hey Dan! I’ve just won a copy of this shortlist so I take back my entry but still highly recommend Heat and Light! What a great shortlist!

  14. Hi Simon, sorry, I realised I just called you the wrong name! Too distracted maybe…

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