Book Riot’s 25 Outstanding Podcasts for Readers

I was thrilled, thrilled, thrilled yesterday to learnthat The Readers, which I have been a cohost of for just over 4 years with Gavin and now Thomas, has been announced as one of Book Riot’s 25 Outstanding Podcasts for readers. I am seriously chuffed.


If you haven’t listened to The Readers yet then you can do so over at where you will The Readers and also  You Wrote The Book which will be returning with Helen Macdonald as my guest in mere days.

What is also lovely about the list, which you can see in full here, is that the lovely Ann and Michael of Books On The Nightstand are also there AND there are loads and loads and loads of new podcasts to discover. (Though I feel Adventures with Words should surely be on the list too, fingers crossed next year.) So you now have no excuse not to have books in your life, or at least you ears, any moment you don’t have your face in one!


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8 responses to “Book Riot’s 25 Outstanding Podcasts for Readers

  1. Mary Arth

    Congratulations! Great choice.

  2. quinn

    of course it would be impossible to have such a list and not have u and thomas on it! the list would be misnamed if that had happened. CONGRATULATIONS!

  3. Andrew Cole

    Well deserved as it must take a lot of work to produce.

  4. I’ve always loved The Readers. Used to listen to it whilst walking home, now whilst doing my hair of a morning! x Thankyou for waking me up!

  5. A well deserved accolade for you and Thomas and of course Gavin who is still with you in spirit

  6. Fenella

    It’s certainly my favourite book podcast. I think it’s because of the banter as well as because it’s not too much about new books coming out I’ll never get round to reading. It’s about reading holistically.
    Congrats to the whole crew involved in making it.

  7. Larissa

    Where is our latest episode of the readers??
    It’s not very regular anymore.

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