Redecorating Reigns & Reading Retreat Recommendations Wanted

Sorry for the slight radio silence, I am feeling my blogging and reading has already hit a rather turbulent period in 2016 and we are barely a few weeks in. I have not blogged, worse I have not read (for over a week) what with work being utterly ridiculous last week (at one point I thought I might have to make schedules in my calendar just to visit the bathroom) and the utter hell of living in a building site. Things are looking up though. After a week that has been filled with stubbed toes, expletives and never being able to find anything (seriously I couldn’t find my laptop until mere hours ago) it looks like the halfway point has been hit and the painting has started. This hopefully means things should improve blog and reading wise. Though to be honest the lack of reading has been as much a work thing as an aversion to reading in a room that will be a book haven but currently looks like something from DIY hell, see it appears I cannot read everywhere as I thought. Not long to go though, I have been promised.


To rectify this reading error, and frankly to go and get away from it all and relax, The Beard and I have decided that we are going to go away somewhere hot, lacking in wifi but brimming with sun loungers, pools, sunshine and endless food. Yes, we are going to book a last minute holiday (or to my mind reading retreat) for the first week of February. We are currently looking at this…

… Paphos in Cyprus, as we have heard some wonderful things but if you have any other recommendations for sunny (but relatively cheap) places to go for a last minute week away from it all then do let me know. I will be booking it next Friday and I’m practically planning my reading pile for it already, so recommendations most welcome.



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16 responses to “Redecorating Reigns & Reading Retreat Recommendations Wanted

  1. Its a bit old but I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on it. ‘Sea of Glass’ by Barry Longyear? It sci-fi and its not perfect but its the only piece of art that has gotten the closest to actually making me bawl my eyes out. Its emotional.

  2. Cyprus might not be that warm at this time of the year. If you truly want sun and warmth, the Gambia might be more of a guarantee

  3. I would recommend Rhodes but it won’t be especially warm st this time of year. You’d be better off going to the UAE. Or Australia 😉

  4. My name is red by orhan pamuk. Lyrical murder mystery set in 15th century Istanbul. It’s one of my fave books ever :3

  5. Hmm – sunny but relatively cheap is a tricky combo for Feb. Why not ditch the sun and go for cosy log fires instead? Lots of nice places around with hot tubs, though annoyingly never as inexpensive as you’d want. I’d strongly recommend Cotswold House Hotel – if you can do, say, the Sunday to the Thursday, it’s far more reasonable. Great place to curl up in a lovely big armchair next to the fire with a good book, then venture out to potter around the Cotswolds. Oh dear – you can tell I’m about hit the big 4-0 can’t you?!

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