Decorating Done, Reading Retreat Ready…

After what has felt like the longest two weeks in history, well in the last few years, I am thrilled to say that the redecoration is done. At last. It was actually finished earlier this week but then the furniture had to go back in and of course the books had to be sorted. I think it is looking pretty good though, a nice haven for me to sit and read in. What do you think?


I only finished the shelves sorting about thirty minutes ago. Always a painful process; all those questions like ‘when on earth will I ever read all these?’, ‘why on earth did I get that?’, ‘hang on where have some of those books gone?’ Yes, sadly some books have been lost (about 35 we won’t speak of) and many have actually been culled today and amazingly somehow I have space for more books, which is quite exciting and is sure not to last. Let us mark the occasion though.


As you can imagine The Beard and I (particularly The Beard who did it all) are blooming shattered from it all, so this morning we went crazy and I have booked us a week away in the sun a week tomorrow which I am most excited about. We are going to go to Cyprus for a week of visiting ruins, making the most of the all inclusive buffets and bars and lounging by the pools.


It is going to be such a treat, our first holiday together in three years, and I am going to read like a demon. I have a pile of potential books at the ready but was thrilled to discover that the hotel prides itself on being the perfect place for book lovers, I might have to be dragged out of it’s library quite often.


Can. Not. Wait. Anyway, apologies for the lack of reviews and posts, I didn’t intend to go as silent as I have. Things will be up and running as normal from tomorrow. Now I have to crack on reading as I need to be scheduling posts for when I am away! What is the latest news with all of you? Oh and obviously what are you reading? I am bang on half way through Lauren Groff’s Fates and Furies, which if any of you who have read it will know is when everything changes, I am most keen to get back to it.



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36 responses to “Decorating Done, Reading Retreat Ready…

  1. Rhonda

    Looks great worth the effort😀vacation to recover perfection.

  2. It looks lovely – you are very lucky. I hope you have apologised for being such a grumpy sausage about it when work started!
    Reading-wise today I finished The Ballroom by Anna Hope & Who is Tom Ditto? by Danny Wallace, and I started Mothering Sunday by Graham Swift and The People of the Abyss by Jack London.

  3. Ann

    Very beautiful and I love the wallpaper you two agreed upon and your quilted chair. And I envy your bookcases so much!

  4. I will echo everyone else and comment on how lovely this chair is! I particularly love all of the blank space I see on your shelves – room for more books!

  5. Andrew Cole

    Looks great simon. I’m looking forward to the double readers you’ve recorded and I did post to ‘adventures …’ how the drive into work on first day back after xmas was eased by laughing out loud in car at four people playing a board game. I’ve been debating when to try fates and duties so look forward to your comments. Enjoy your holiday.

    • Thanks Andrew, it’s a new haven. Glad you enjoyed the Christmas special. I haven’t heard it yet I must go back and listen. Fates and Furies is going to be a tricky one to review as something happens in the middle that changes perceptions and perspectives. Why do I keep reading books that are rather brilliant but a swine to review? Ha.

  6. I love the redecorating! You have a keen eye for color schemes and it looks very cozy.

  7. Barbara in So. California

    1. I’ve been to Cyprus and it’s very pretty. Reminds me of Southern California. Have a great time.
    2. RegardIng your photo of books – what’s that book called “Out” on the lower left shelf?? If the author is Natsuo Kirino, I just finished reading it. Must be one of the most “nauseatingly” riveting books I’ve ever read!

    • I’ve heard it is quite laid back and chilled during the day which is just what I want and frankly need. Very excited about the ruins. I’m going to feel like Indiana Jones.

      That book is indeed Out and I have been meaning to read it for a million years. Well about ten.

  8. Mary Arth

    Love what you have done. great reading chair! Wallpaper and paint colors look wonderful. A very cozy look!!

  9. Your reading retreat is gorgeous!! Happy reading, and enjoy your holiday 🙂

  10. So what’ll The Beard do while you’re reading? Hope you both have a lovely holiday.

  11. It looks fab and very cosy too.

  12. Your redo is gorgeous! I love the colors, and the visual texture in the wallpaper is just lovely. As for that Cypress trip…JEALOUS!

  13. OK – it’s official I’ve got empty shelf envy!

  14. elizabeth

    Enjoy Cyprus. It looks divine.

    I am currently reading The Tsar of Love and Techno by Anthony Marra.

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