Savidge Reads in Cyprus…

We have arrived safe and sound in Cyprus after a very early start and a very pleasant flight, which didn’t take anywhere near as long as expected. Hoorah. You know how I feel about planes. We are now safely ensconced in our hotel, which is wonderful…


And have been off exploring the local Paphos area, mainly wandering along the waterfront as the sea is the harbour is mesmerising and very clear. I might have to have a dip or two at some point.

Next up planning what to do for the next week, most of it will be Aphrodite based (which my mother will be proud of as a classicist), halloumi based or reading by the pool/sea based. I may report back in between blog posts I’ve scheduled just to share the experience, hopefully it won’t bore you all too much – we all know what other people’s holiday photos can be like don’t we? Ha.



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6 responses to “Savidge Reads in Cyprus…

  1. Ann

    Simon – you never bore me. And I’d love to see and hear a play by play of your vacation, since I never get one.

  2. Is it warm enough to swim?

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