Introducing The Waterstones Book Bloggers (Of Which I Am Thrilled To Be One)

If getting to be a special bearded part of the Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction wasn’t enough excitement, in general let alone for one week, I am also thrilled to be able to tell you all that I have become one of the Waterstones Book Bloggers, after the lovely Rob Chilver asked me. If you’re thinking this is a precursor to the end of Savidge Reads then fret not as I am not planning on going anywhere, this will just be a little extra Savidge Reads over on the Waterstones website as I recommend a book a month and occasionally do the odd extra review or post here and there. I am very excited about it. I don’t think I would have ever envisaged I would be (even a small) part of the Waterstones gang when I used to be taken there as a huge treat, once a month, from the age of four to choose my very own brand new book. It feels rather lovely indeed.


What also feels lovely is that I am doing it alongside some of my favourite people, let alone bloggers, as Kate of Adventures With Words, Gav of An Unreliable Reader (formerly Gav Reads), Eric of Lonesome Reader, Nina of Notes from the Chair, Kim of Reading Matters and Naomi of The Writes of Woman are also all part of it all. So there should be some excellent reads being revealed over the coming months alongside Waterstones Books of the Month and much, much more. Now I really need to get thinking about just what my first recommendation is going to be. It can be new or old, fictional or not… Which gives me quite a lot of scope to go with doesn’t it? I am going to have fun deciding over the weekend. Do keep your eyes peeled on the Waterstones blog, plus all the rest of the Waterstones bloggers blogs (blimey that is a lot of blogs, though never a bad thing obviously) and get ready for lots and lots more bookish recommendations coming your way from all over the place. Exciting.



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8 responses to “Introducing The Waterstones Book Bloggers (Of Which I Am Thrilled To Be One)

  1. Whoo hoo – congrats and brilliant news 🙂

  2. Ann

    Simon – congratulations — also happy that you will continue Savidge Reads because I enjoy it and your catchy comments.

  3. And only earlier this week you were moaning that you didn’t have enough time to read……

  4. sharkell

    That’s really cool! And you have great company by the looks of it.

  5. Congratulations, Simon. Waterstones didn’t exist when I was a child – my treat was a new pony book from WH Smith. I got pocket money as a child, but books “didn’t count”. Dad would buy me anything I wanted. But the wonder of being taken to a bookshop as a child is lovely.

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