Catching Up & Some Thoughts…

The last three weeks have been a bit of a madness, in fact April as a month seemed to be there and gone in the blink of an eye. There was a week in London which all centred around the London Book Fair which became a wonderful whirl of catching up with people, though one of them (or more likely a stranger on the tube) gave me flu which lead to me having almost an entire week feeling lousy to the point where I was actually in bed, in a darkened room, for four days I was that sick. I felt like a mad Victorian character locked in an attic until they could come to their senses, it was pretty awful. Then, whilst still feeling pretty rough, I was back down to London for work, all whilst liaising with my team working on Hillsborough – the families of whom deserve a medal I think, before a big family do yesterday. No wonder I slept for over twelve hours last night. I still have a cough like a 20-a-day pensioner but I am certainly feeling more human and am now feeling like I can return to the digital world after a week of being forced to returning to the real one in an exhausted haze. Have you missed me? Ha!

I have spent most of today catching up, partly on some telly I became addicted to Line of Duty (in the two days of bed when I could cope with light after the four I couldn’t) and have watched three series in less than a week, if you haven’t seen it you must – I am trying to get The Beard to watch it so I can start it all over again. I have also done a bulk set of recording of The Readers with Thomas, plotting with Gav, Kate and Rob on a new project, as you know how I love those, and sorting out over a month’s worth of books coming in. They are now looking rather delightful here.


Now this leads me to something I have been pondering a little over the last few weeks and was something I was talking to the lovely Jen Campbell about when we had lunch in Dishoom (I feel so current as it is THE place to eat in London now) last week… Some light vlogging. I have been wondering if you guys would be interested in me occasionally vlogging/making videos on that there YouTube (again, as I did it a while back) about some of the books that come in (be then sent by publishers like the first two piles above – of which 24 were unsolicited – or bought by me like the last pile) to Savidge Reads HQ as well as some mini posts on books I have read in the month, as my reviews are soooooooooooooooo behind (we are talking about 15 reviews behind) as well as some ad-hoc videos that might take my fancy, for example I am off to Cardiff with some mates in two weeks and thought that could be fun as we explore castles and bookshops. What do you think?

This doesn’t mean I will be blogging less, though doing some geeky checking of stats and Savidge Reads facts, this last month has been the least I have ever blogged – which I am blaming solely on London and flu. I just thought it would be another way of you all getting to know me and my books a bit better. You might all think it is a rubbish idea, let me know along with your thoughts on vlogging in general in the comments below either way.

Speaking of books… Reading. I have done hardly any of that of late. I am almost finished with My Name is Leon, the debut novel by Kit De Waal who I had the joy of meeting for a coffee last week, which is due to be HUGE and I think rightly so both for the writing and some of the topics that it brings up. I am also still reading Christos Tsiolkas’ short story collection Merciless Gods which I have been slowly (very bloody slowly) devouring since February but am determined to finish this long weekend. More on those soon and more reviews in general soon, full stop. In the meantime though I would love to hear what you have been reading of late, books you would recommend and books you might not too and which books you have your eyes on, that would be lovely.

So over to you all, what are your thoughts on vlogging (and any recommendations of vlogs you love, I have mentioned Jen’s above which is my fav) and all your thoughts on what you have been reading, ta very much in advance!



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20 responses to “Catching Up & Some Thoughts…

  1. I would love some vlogs! I have been really getting into booktube lately. Jen is excellent, I also really like Reads and Daydreams with Lauren and Mercedes at Mercy’s Bookish Musings.

  2. Ann

    Simon – I did miss you and I wondered what happened to you?!! Now I know and I am sorry to hear that you have been so sick. Glad you are finally feeling better and getting to join the real world again. I am not sure what Vlogging is but anything you do – I enjoy.

    • Awww thank you Ann. Still not 100% but so so so so much better. Vlogging is basically video blogging; my face, some books and some chatter a few times a month. Scary sounding isn’t it? Hehehe.

  3. So glad to hear you’re better! I don’t often watch vlogs, but I’d watch yours…

    I read a wonderful book yesterday – Thin Air by Michelle Paver – but it’s not published until October. I had to read/review it now for Amazon Vine – so maybe I’ll write my Shiny review of it for the October issue now!

    • Oh I am so jealous, I loved Paver’s Dark Matter so am very very keen to get my mitts on this! I am delighted you’ve said it’s wonderful as I’ve been worried after the previous brilliance. Ha.

  4. Deirdre

    I think you should do some vlogging – it would be a good way to catch-up – but as long as you publicise them so I don’t miss them! I don’t follow a lot of vlogging folk but I’d watch out for your channel! Hope you feel better soon!

  5. Diane

    Hi Simon
    Hmm… vlogging would be fine, so long as it doesn’t replace the podcasts please….
    You see, the thing is, with the blogs I can have your dulcet tones in my ears while I go about doing other stuff during the day – driving, washing up, laundry (yes, my life is THAT exciting!) whereas with a vlog I’d feel I’d need to give it my full attention – a bit more like TV – and I don’t have enough hours in the day for that.

    BTW – were you brought up in the North East at all? You sound very like several of my friends from Newcastle…

  6. “Ghostbird” by Carol Lovekin and I’m really loving it. It is set in Wales and is about a young girl who tries to find out what happened to her sister and her father. A friend dragged me to the book launch of it in Aberysthwyth and I heard the author read the first chapter. It’s beautiful. A bit of secrets, lies and coming of age etc but with powerful imagery and prose. Not my usual cup of tea but liked it better than The Lie Tree.

  7. Definitely to vlog idea! I mainly read blogs, but I do enjoy the odd vlog, Rosie Amber and Laura Bambrey among them

  8. JanO

    Love your blog, vlogs, and podcast – keep it coming. I recently read “A Pleasure and a Calling” by Phil Hogan. The narrator is creepy, sinister, and unreliable. He is a nosey, voyeuristic small-town estate agent who keeps all the keys to the houses he has sold. He pops in now and then for a look see and to dispense his own kind of justice as appropriate. He pulled me right into his world and I found myself enjoying the ride into his strange mind and into other people’s homes. I thought this is a Simon kind of book and I loved, loved it.

  9. Not checked out blogging or book tubing yet, but it does sound intriguing. I’m only just getting used to blogging, though! As for reads, The Trees by Ali Shaw was brilliant- hauntingly, thought provoking (see my blog for a review if you need persuading). Also really enjoyed Kelly Links’ Pulitzer nominated short-stories Get in Trouble. Scarlett Thomas is the dame, though! The recent The Seed Collectors was fab- although start with The End of Mr Y, if you haven’t read her before.

  10. Carol S

    As I’m still getting over this winter’s evil version of flu you have my full sympathy. and l can recommend truly effective cough sweets as the coughing is appalling. Is it allowed to do so? Oliver Harris’ very well written London crime novels have accompanied my malaise His detective Nick Belsey, lives so on the edge he’s an exciting anti-hero skating from crisis to the next extreme one and I loved him. Especially as he reminded me of my own brother.

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