It’s Back… BOTNS Summer Book Bingo!

I have been meaning to write about this for a few weeks but my emotions have been running high. Hang on, I am all ahead of myself. You will probably know that I am a huge fan of the Books on the Nightstand podcast and have been for quite some time. Well, sadly (some of you will know this already and so I am probably picking at the emotional scab that is beginning to heal) Ann and Michael have decided to end the show after 8 years. I know, I am bereft. For those of you who may not have found the podcast do go and seek it out, you have over 300 episodes to catch up on and another two years to do it – as then it may disappear. So there is that.

Now whilst they are leaving us in a couple of weeks they are also giving the gift that keeps on giving again this summer. The brilliant Books on the Nightstand Bingo is back, woohoo. In case you haven’t been lucky enough to play (and win or fail, I tend to do the latter but it is still fun) it before, you simply head over to this link here and then press refresh to get your card, as the first one is a static/generic card. Once you have refreshed you simply save or print your bingo card off and start reading books that match the categories, that simple and oodles of fun. Which comes to my card, as featured below…

BOTNS Bingo 2016

Well. I need some help. Some of the rows I am fine with, like the bottom one, and the free square obviously, there are some of the squares that are trickier for me though. A topic currently in the news is one, how many books come out that swiftly as instant news hits? I am thinking of something about the refugee crisis possibly, but would love some other suggestions – though not around Donald bloody Trump or the EU referendum as they are doing my wick in. I would also like some suggestions about good books by celebrities, I have been considering Magda Szubanski’s Reckoning as I think she is amazing. More suggestions welcome on that. Steampunk, recommendations please. Finally, a book mentioned in the Gilmore Girls, what even is that? Help, help, help. Ha.

So really I was just informing you of the BOTNS Bingo so you can join in; do let me know when you do – share your bingo card – so we can play together, hoorah! Also, as always, recommendations please.


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16 responses to “It’s Back… BOTNS Summer Book Bingo!

  1. Earlier today I was listening to the Readers episode where you and Thomas compared your bingo cards. so glad he could explain the Gillmore girls because I’d have been similarly lost

  2. novellover97

    Reblogged this on forthenovellovers.

  3. Rachael

    There are so many books mentioned in the Gilmore Girls show. If you search for Rory’s Reading Challenge you’ll find a list of at least 300 options.

  4. I read Magda’s book not long ago. It is very interesting. Her relationship with her father was insightful and her teenage years both difficult and funny. I enjoyed it.

  5. You can find Rory Gillmore’s reading list all over the web. Try this one: There is a list on Goodreads too. As Rachael points out, there are a ton of options, so you should find something fairly easily.

  6. I had not heard about that books bingo. It sounds like people have left helpful comments for you.

  7. Annabel (gaskella)

    Luckily – there’s a list on Buzzfeed of the hundreds of books mentioned by Lori in the Gilmore Girls here. I can recommend one of the defining books of early steampunk – The Difference Engine by Gibson & Sterling. Never heard of Magda Szubanski though!

  8. louise

    Steampunk suggestions:
    Boneshaker (The Clockwork Century, #1)
    by Cherie Priest and
    Phoenix Rising (Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences, #1)
    by Pip Ballantine

    I’ve finished 5 books on my card, favourite categories on it this year are “Found in a used bookstore:”, “Has been on your TBR for longer than 2 years ” and “With a unique format”

  9. LOVE Magda, am planning on reading her book this summer. There is a fab podcast of her discussing her book – really worth a listen.

  10. David

    “Finally, a book mentioned in the Gilmore Girls, what even is that?”

    Ah, bugger the bingo. Just go and watch all seven seasons of the Gilmore Girls instead 🙂

  11. PJE

    Illegal immigration is certainly in the news a lot, so if you haven’t read Hinterland by Caroline Brothers yet you really, really must.

  12. I vaguely remember you picking up Between the World and Me but I can’t remember if you read it. That would be a current event due to the tie in with the current state of police violence towards black men in the US.

    I have not read the Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes yet, but it is on my TBR and that might be a good pick for celebrity.

    If anyone has Australia/Oceania suggestions I will take them!

  13. Love this – may have to join in! Some suggestions:

    Steampunk : The Bloodless Assassin by Celine Jeanjean is a great read.
    News : A Month with Starfish by Bev Jackson for refugee crisis, or can go with football as a news item (European championship starts shortly), Every Boy’s Dream by Chris Green is a rather hard-hitting (and well-written) polemic on the football youth system.

    Good luck!

  14. Quite aa tenuous link but The American Wife, Curtis Sittenfeld – There’s presidential campaigns from what I can remember.

  15. Richard

    Celebrity memoirs don’t usually interest me, but I agree that Magda’s book sounds good. Another recent highly regarded memoir is Not My Father’s Son by Alan Cumming. He’s Eli Gold in The Good Wife, so it must be good.

  16. On the currently in the news topic, Peirene specially commissioned a book called Breach of short stories about life in the “Jungle” refugee camp in Calais. That could be a good shout (not read it myself yet though).

    And on The Gilmore Girls front, well! How have you not heard of this adorable bookish piece of Americana before?! I am a tiny bit obsessed and have been creating my own version of the reading list:
    (I got annoyed by errors I kept seeing in other versions of the list floating around, including multiple books on it that don’t exist!) All seven seasons are on Netflix, with the new Netflix special episodes due to come out later this year. I can’t quite decide what you’d make of it.

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