A Tour Of My Bookshelves, Not Other Peoples…

Normally on a Saturday we have a nosey around other peoples bookshelves, in an occasional series featuring – erm – other peoples bookshelves. Well, whilst I have one which I am saving for next weekend when I will be away celebrating my little sisters 18th, I am running low on volunteers. So firstly I am doing a call out to ask you to please join in sharing your bookshelves with us all, it isn’t scary; I don’t really come to your house and you can edit it as you see fit and I leave it untouched. You don’t have to be an author or a blogger just someone who has bookshelves and fancies chatting about them. Just email savidgereads@gmail.com and say you are up for it and I will send you all the bumf/stuff.

Secondly, whilst I have done Other Peoples Bookshelves myself before, I thought I would give you an actual tour of my shelves. So grab a cuppa/glass of something and settle down while I (quite literally) take you round my house. You will even get to see Granny Savidge Reads famous hedgehog collection I inherited. So I will hand over to that.

I hope you are all having great weekends and reading some corking books. Let me know what you are reading and what you are up to… And get emailing.

PS I know I haven’t done the book draw for the IBW2016 winners, I will be soon it is on my never ending list of to do’s.  


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7 responses to “A Tour Of My Bookshelves, Not Other Peoples…

  1. This is the first video of yours I have watched and it is enjoyable; you have a nice onscreen manner. I wanted to see closeups of the hedgehog collection.

  2. I loved the video and your style of presenting.
    The book that I am currently reading is ‘The Pier Falls’ by Mark Haddon. A collection of short stories.

  3. Bet

    That was VERY entertaining! Your bookshelves are lovely and much better organized than mine. I would love to have seen more of Granny Savidge’s hedgehog collection, as I also collect them (my collection is quite small compared to hers!). And my condolences on the demise of Vera. 😦

  4. Ann

    Oh Simon – your bookshelves are so nice & new & freshly painted and most importantly – organized. Thanks for the tour!

  5. Janey

    Simon, my dearly beloved, that was just magnificent. You are a true original and a breath of the most exhilarating fresh air! I am in the doldrums re. reading theses days, very easily distracted (a phrase that echoes an early school report from when I was 6, so may be things haven’t changed much after all over the following many decades). However, if I lived next door to you, with your lovely cats and your glorious zest for life and words, I have no doubt that all would be well in my world.

    My bookshelves are a disaster – not enough of them, so there’s another entire library in a storage space – and, given my incapacity to stick with any book these days, these shelves are a source of guilt as well as a stupendous generator of dust.

    However, people like you – Sage Simon – keep me enthused and optimistic for an about-turn in my book-reading fortunes.

    Keep on doing what you do. You are a treasure …

  6. Karen B

    I love your videos! Your shelves (and stacks!) of books are very impressive. And everything is so neat! I wish I could be like that… Keep the videos coming. I look forward to them!

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