Time To Move On…

One of the reasons that I have been quieter over the last few weeks/months on the blog has been because I have been making a big decision, which some of you may know about through social media. After several years I have decided that enough is enough, I need more space for reading and books and so I am moving house. Well, I say I am, we are. Myself and The Beard have decided to get money married, me with a mortgage feels so grown up I could be sick/cry, before we actually get married in September 2017. I should also point out that I didn’t demand we move out, we have both – along with the cats – just outgrown the wonderful, wonderful apartment we have lived in for the last four and a bit years (which is The Beards not mine) and are heading to a new house in the next few weeks/months.

It is very exciting. It is also a bit odd and we are going to be very sad to say goodbye to somewhere we have loved, and had has such high ceilings perfect for so many bookshelves. I thought I would share some pics of the house because then a) you will get to know a bit more about where I live b) see why we are sad to leave and why it’s been so great for all the books.




It is lovely isn’t it? But onward, what is very exciting is is that our new house is quite big and two of the six bedrooms are going to become a library for me on the first floor. (There has since been a small amount of kerfuffle when I mentioned I would still need shelves in every other room too, but that has been agreed in exchange for a new swanky kitchen.) Even more exciting is that The Beard and I are also planning on making the house a writers B&B, somewhere they can get away from it all for a week (well, five days) with breakfast, dinner and bookish chats by the log burner in the evening if they aren’t writing away. So exciting times ahead indeed, though with a holiday in Italy, several festivals at work and me having an operation for my Dercum’s it also looks like a bonkers summer.

So what is news with you? What have you been reading lately? Also, random ask but how would any of you feel about a readers retreat, somewhere you can just go and read and hideaway from the world with a lovely breakfast, dinner and lots of bookish chatter in the evening – maybe a few trips to the seaside thrown in. The Beard doesn’t think people would go for it, I am not so sure. Thoughts please.


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37 responses to “Time To Move On…

  1. Amazing! I almost died when the post title popped into my inbox and I thought you were ‘retiring’ from blogging. Phew! Good luck with the move and keep us posted on the writers’ B&B – it sounds divine (does anyone actually say divine anymore? Oh well, you know what I mean)

    • The title is a little bit click bait-esque. I didn’t realise that until now. Oops. Not retiring no. I’ve been slower but it’ll pick up again once huge festival I work on is out the way, well maybe once I’ve moved and had my op too. Haha. I like the word divine. It’s, erm, divine.

  2. Kateg

    A beautiful apartment! I can’t wait to see how beautiful your new place wil turn out. As I was reading, I was so jealous of the writers who wil come and stay! I would love a reading retreat. It sounds like heaven to me: a reading space, meals and walks to the water! I think the Beard might be wrong; you may get more readers than writers.

    • Oooh interesting. We don’t want it to just be a b&b, we haven’t the time but a reading and/or writing retreat would be lovely I think. I wanted to call the new house Book End but worried it sounds a bit pretentious.

  3. I too panicked, thinking it mean a retirement from blogging, but thank goodness it’s good news! The house sounds lovely – please sign me up already for a writing retreat… Good luck with everything. Am just going through the pain of moving myself, plus work and everything, so I know how fraught it can get!

    • Oops. Maybe I should change the title. Though that would mess up my social media links. Oh well people can be panicked then joyous. Hoorah, we have our first booking. Hahaha.

  4. Annabel (gaskella)

    I also panicked, but was oh so relieved. Your flat is lovely – so I shall look forward with great anticipation to how you. kit out your new house in due course.

  5. Deborah

    I think a reader’s retreat would be lovely and sure you’ll find many others who think so. How about including a “reading surgery” where the esteemed owner provides the guests with reading recommendations, some “go there!/don’t go there!” advice and so on? And Book End is a great name! Or you could go mysterious and have “Between the Lines”…..

  6. Well, congrats to both of you on the forthcoming nuptials! Your old place looks beautiful, and I can undertand why you’ll be sad to leave it. But two rooms for your books can’t be bad – good luck! 🙂

  7. Kat

    A reader’s retreat sounds amazing – I’d definitely go for something like that!

  8. Blimey – if had any extra pennies, I would be booking right now! I love the idea of a readers retreat – Reader’s Rest maybe – sounds perfect. I think you might get a lot of bookings! 🙂

  9. So glad you are not quitting blogging! The title of the post had me worried for a minute. Congrats on your new digs – they sound fabulous! Your current home looks lovely! As for a reader’s retreat – paradise!!

  10. Tara Smart

    A readers/writers b&b sounds lovely. Wish I was nearer to the UK. Also I love the wallpaper (fabric piece?) behind the bed. Hope your move/surgery goes smoothly.

  11. Anne

    I think a readers/writers retreat sounds AMAZING! Best of luck to you Simon!

  12. How fantastic. Best of luck in the new home – it has big shoes to fill.
    Also good luck with the writer’s B&B – it is my back-up plan for what to do with my house should I ever fall on hard times.
    Looking forward to the pictures of the new home and the library 🙂

  13. Ok I have now come down from the ceiling where I landed when I read the opening paragraphs of your post and thought you were abandoning the blog. Phew. Isn’t the Beard generous with his donation of two rooms just for your books??

  14. Oh it IS lovely. No wonder you are sad to leave! It’s a beautiful home you have. I’m sure the next place will be even better. Excited for you guys!

  15. I think the retreat sounds fab. Good luck with the move!

  16. Emma

    Hello Simon!
    I am a fairly new reader of your blog/listener to your podcast and I’m also relieved that you weren’t about to announce your retirement from broadcasting… I’m still sad about Books On The Nightstand.
    Keep the great recommendations coming!
    Wishing you a smooth move and every blessing in your new house. Also, sign me up for Readers Retreat! (And even better if you could run a prescription service for your guests! I’m at a loss after finishing the Ferrante series and am not yet ready to tackle A Little Life)

  17. Scarily I remember you moving to this apartment! It is beautiful but I wish you all the best with your new home and writers retreat. Plus I love the idea of a readers retreat – I would happily read and talk about books for a whole holiday without the guilt of other people wanted to do other things 😀

  18. Karen B

    I was NOT frightened by the title side I knew you were moving and I assumed that was what you meant. Besides, you already scared me once with that episode title on The Readers after BOTNS announced their departure. I’ve since forgiven you… 🙂

    Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! That’s fabulous! The current apartment looks lovely (divine was used enough already!) and the new house is going to be amazing. A writer’s B&B is an awesome idea and I love the idea of a reader’s retreat. I live too far away to go to one, but I would if I could!

    I’m currently slogging my way through The Historian. I actually do like it, but there’s so much history that I find my mind starts to wander sometimes. Next up is The Shadow of the Wind. I’m looking forward to that.

    Best of luck with the house, your surgery and everything else!

  19. JanO

    The Beard not sure we’d go for that? So wrong – you’re talking about a dream holiday. I would love a reader’s retreat and a bonus would be meeting the cats.

  20. Sonja

    This is cool! I want to visit you someday! Books, UK, tea, nice people – dreams come true 🙂

  21. Your current place looks absolutely lovely, but more room for bookshelves is DEFINITELY a good reason to move. I hope you and the Beard are super happy in your new digs.

  22. I will fly across the world to the reader’s retreat. I kid you not. Actually, we’re already thinking about a UK trip next year late spring/early summer so if you could just have it ready by then … 😉
    But seriously, I’m sure you will make something absolutely beautiful out of your new home. I’m already jealous of your library!

  23. A library? You will be living the dream, then 😀 I can see why you’re sad to move, it’s a lovely place, but you next sounds excellent. (I wondered what had happened in regards to your B&B plans. Great to hear it’s still in the works.)

  24. A reader’s retreat sounds lovely. You can maybe give access to a part of your library too. 😉

  25. Ooh I would so be there in the writer’s retreat. You might not get me to leave mind 😉

  26. Margie

    What reader wouldn’t want a readers retreat? Give me a comfy chair and ottoman, a throw blanket and tea and I’d be set for a week!

  27. laura


  28. Elizabeth

    I love the idea of a reading/writing retreat. I think given the right atmosphere, it would be amazing.

  29. Toronto reader

    Readers retreat! A divine idea. I’ll bring a group from Canada for a few days of chat, laughter and sharing our favourite reads.

  30. A readers retreat/B&B sounds amazing. Especially one near the seaside. That’s pretty much my perfect holiday. Hope the move is all going smoothly.

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