Guessing the Man Booker 2016 Longlist

So I said I would hold off sharing video’s for a while, however I thought the easiest way for me to do my Man Booker Prize longlist predictions this year was in that form, so I have. Here it is…

We only have a few hours to go until it is announced, when you will see that none of my guesses were correct and that is exactly why the team haven’t phoned begging me to judge it yet, hahaha. I will share more info, on both the list and my thoughts on it, here on the blog not long after it’s announced and we can all have a good old natter about it. Hoorah. In the meantime what do you think will make the list?


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3 responses to “Guessing the Man Booker 2016 Longlist

  1. David

    I can’t be mithered signing up to YouTube/Google to leave a comment there, Simon (sorry) but I enjoyed seeing your picks. Like you I’ve been far too busy to get much reading in lately so am completely out of touch with this year’s contenders, but of the few I’ve read I’d love to see Graham Swift’s “Mothering Sunday” and Elizabeth Strout’s “My Name is Lucy Barton”. I agree with you about Tom Bullough and Sarah Moss – both those books look wonderful and have had great reviews (having said that, I was disappointed by Bullough’s “Konstantin” – hopefully “Addlands” is more of a return to the form he showed with “The Claude Glass”). I wasn’t a huge fan of “The Sympathizer” so that wouldn’t be amongst my picks. What about CE Morgan’s “The Sport of Kings”, Kim Echlin’s “Under the Visible Life” or Anakana Schofield’s “Martin John”?

    • Martin John I could see being on there and have on my shelves so would be delighted. The Sport of Kings is a no from me, all the horses. I don’t know the Echlin. I too loved The Claude Glass and wasn’t so keen on Konstantin, so hope Addlands is more the former. Mothering Sunday I want on the shortlist.

      Ps don’t worry about signing in there love comments here. Just was easier to do a video and edit it than type everything or leave a long never ending list.

  2. These have made me happy. From reading the blog and listening to the podcast I had an idea of your mannerisms, but these have confirmed them and just make me smile even more listening to the podcasts 🙂

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