I’m In Italy, You Can Come If You Like…

I meant to do a post saying I was going off to Italy for a holiday, but in a pre-holiday whirlwind of all sorts of shenanigans I forgot to. I’m now here and, as we are waiting for the worst service by a car company (Firefly Car Rental) ever for the last hour or so and I’ve caved in and turned my data roaming on. It does mean I can share the view of the Alps on the way though.

They were stunning. I was mesmerised and had to put my Tess Gerritsen (one of my favourite thriller writers as you may know) down for quite a while. Fingers crossed we will be off to Pisa shortly.

Let me know if you’d like some blogs of Italy along ten way, we are mainly in a farmhouse in the middle of the mountains away from it all so I’ll also be able to catch up on reviews and most importantly… Loads of reading. I am hoping for a day trip to Assissi which is supposed to be lovely. So I may do some posts along the way if you like it or not.


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15 responses to “I’m In Italy, You Can Come If You Like…

  1. Gina

    Believe me, Simon, no one who follows you missed that you were going to Italy! I’d love to come along, please share whenever you can.🤓

  2. Sue

    Hello Simon
    I follow your book recommendations and reviews on YouTube and Twitter and I have just viewed your vlog “Holiday TBR list”.
    I wondered why you prefer printed books rather than ebooks which would reduce your holiday luggage substantially and lessen the stress of choosing seven books from your collection? You could have all of your eBooks with you wherever you are. I am just interested to know if it is because you want to support bookshops, or if you simply prefer the look and feel of a book.
    I notice that you sometimes buy paperback copies of books so that your hardback copies stay pristine; you could buy a digital book as your second copy instead.
    I have picked up a few of your recommendations – Fell and Shelter – and you have very impressive taste in books if I may say so.
    I would like to know which books best fit into your holiday reading category if you have a moment to update your blog/vlog on your return.
    Sue M.

  3. Haha poor you. Although that would probably be more heartfelt if you weren’t summering it up in Italy. Is this a good time to tell you that car pickup was fine when we rented with Firefly in Italy but we had a bit of drama when we tried to return the car?

  4. Col

    Post is fortuitously timed. We’ve just been debating whether to take an extra weeks holiday in Sardinia or Greek Islands! You’ve reminded me how great Italy was last year – yes car hire was bit ‘erratic’ but if any consolation that paled into insignificance compared to trying to get anywhere by any means at all in Naples! No wonder Elena Ferrante stays hidden in Naples – nobody could find anything!

  5. Ann

    Enjoy your vacation. I cannot think of anybody who deserves one more!

  6. Elena

    Would love to live vicariously through your trip! I just came back from Rome on Monday and have a serious case of holiday blues so your blog would be a great cure!

  7. Yes please! Sure to bring back memories. OTOH, if it were me, l’d just kick back and enjoy.

  8. Mary Arth

    Yes! I love hearing what you are doing!

  9. Kateg

    Enjoy Italy and as always, I would love to hear your thoughts on books as well as sights. My husband and I were in Italy last fall and had a great time. We went to Assissi and he and a friend climbed all the way to the top. We had a new camera for him to use, but when he got back, he only had pictures of his pants. My advice is to make sure you know how your camera works…..

  10. Thomas Perkins

    Enjoy your holiday I am in San Miguel de Allende Mexico for the month and needed a good book so went to Amazon to download one by Tess Gerritsen only to find I had already purchased her first novel in the series but never read it. Problem solved! Thanks Simon

  11. Helen Marie

    Enjoy Italy! I am making my first trip there in October. I’m undecided who’s more excited, me or my book holdall (a vintage cabin bag strictly for books). I suspect both.

  12. In Assisi keep a look out for the most glamorous traffic cop I have ever seen. Long blonde hair down to her waist. High heels (great for running after villains), and a little gun in a white holster. You don’t see this beating the streets in the UK…

  13. Bibliosa

    Enjoy your time in Italy. I was just there last month, and would love to relive again through your post!

  14. Hi Simon. Sad we are missing each other as I’ve recently arrived in the uk for two weeks. Can’t wait to see your photos from Italy! Also I went to the book barge behind King!s Cross yesterday and it was great! The folks that run it are really nice. Enjoy Italy!

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