Not The Booker Prize Shortlist 2016

I may be in another country, however one piece of book based news I was keeping my beady bookish eyes on was the announcement for the Not The Booker Prize shortlist 2016 yesterday. I love the Booker as many of you will know, I am also deeply fond of it’s slightly rebellious relation (well not relation but you know what I mean) and was thrilled to judge it a few years ago when the Not The Booker opened itself up for a jury of judges. It was such fun taking part and I loved the bookish chats, I have also remained friends with some of the lovely folk that I judged with. So after having been torn for choice by the longlist I voted for two titles (there were many, many I could have voted for) an waited with baited breath by the pool in our villa. Here are the shortlisted titles…


  • Walking the Lights – Deborah Andrews (Freight Books)
  • The Combinations – Louis Armand (Equus)
  • What Will Remain – Dan Clements (Silvertail)
  • The Summer That Melted Everything – Tiffany McDaniel (Scribe)
  • The Less Than Perfect Legend of Donna Creosote – Dan Micklethwaite (Bluemoose Books)
  • Chains of Sand – Jemma Wayne (Legend Press)

Here I have some shamefaced admittance (is that a word?) I have not heard of many of the six that have been shortlisted, in fact I have only heard of two of them. Tiffany McDaniel because I was sent it ages ago as the publisher said it would be right up my street, and admittedly it looks it, and Jemma Wayne as she was longlisted for the Bailey’s Prize a few years ago. This though, for me, is exciting. I love hearing about books that I have no knowledge of (I loved this when I discovered what the Man Booker longlist was, I love it with every prize). It is also good as there are a lot of independent publishers on the list and you know how I love those.

The list has set me off on a journey discovering more about them all and I have to say this does sound like a really interesting bunch which I might have to get a wriggle on and read. You have something massive, and slightly scary sounding with the Armand. A modern fairytale with heaps of bookish nods in the Micklethwaite, which by the sounds of it has the potential to be one of my books of the year. A tale of theatre and the young, drunk and messy, life of an actor with the Andrews. A small town distraught by the arrival of a young boy who could be the devil in McDaniel’s, which is one of the books I have been most excited about this summer and have for the bank holiday next week. And two novels of looking at war and conflict, and all that comes with those, with Wayne and Clements. I just need to get my hands on them…

Have you read any of the list? What do you make of it?


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6 responses to “Not The Booker Prize Shortlist 2016

  1. I haven’t read any of them, but I have heard of the Summer that Melted Everything, and I have been curious about that. Chains of Sand and What Will Remain sound interesting.

  2. No, you are the first to mention these books to me. I like the name of the Not the Booker Prize list, it gives me a smile.

  3. I love the Tiffany McDaniel cover.

  4. Like you, I was waiting with baited breath as there were so many on the longlist that I could have voted for. Neither of the two I went for in the end made it through, and I had only vaguely heard of two of these six, but I now want to read them all! I just need someone to buy me them so that I can play along to the final…

  5. Annabel (gaskella)

    I have the McDaniel on my pile, but love the sound of the Micklethwaite too.

  6. The McDaniel novel is on my TBR list but I haven’t heard of the others so I’m glad the shortlist has brought them to my attention!

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