My Favourite Books of 2016

And so with not that long to go until the clock strikes midnight here in the UK and we say fare thee well to 2016 (and in some cases goodbye and good riddance) I thought that I would share my favourite books of 2016. With a bit of a difference. Normally, bar one year I think in Savidge Reads whole history, I do two lists of the books I loved. Those that came out in the year it has been and then the best of all those I read published in the years before. Well… After one of my slumpiest most unreaderly years I didn’t have enough for either, quite (well maybe actually one, but time has been tight with the madness between Christmas and New Year) and so in a change to the normal schedule I have made a video of my FIFTEEN favourite reads, with a few honourable mentions.

So grab a cuppa/glass of prosecco/some hair of the dog, and have a gander at the video below where I talk you through them all, how modern.

I will be reviewing those I haven’t already on the blog in the next few weeks, when Savidge Reads returns to some kind of routine. I am hoping for a much, much, much better reading year in 2017 so hopefully I will have two (written) posts at the end of next year. But more about next year in the New Year, which is now very very nearly here (and may have been for some of you) so I shall simply finish off by wishing you a very very very Happy New Year…


…Here’s to a new year of fantastic books, lots of bookish chatter and may it be wonderful for all of us. As always thank you for sticking by the blog in the last, somewhat ropey, year. I have a good feeling about 2017.


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7 responses to “My Favourite Books of 2016

  1. Your list and video are dangerous for me, with my perhaps 500 books on shelves (and some on kindle) waiting to be read and clamoring for my attention. Due to your video I added 9 books to my want to read list. I will soonish write my own post on fav books I read in 2016. My favorite novelist is Anthony Trollope BTW.

  2. CM

    Dearest Simon…your videos are always “must watch,” your blogs always “must read.” I look forward to another year together. Wishing you a very Happy New Year with lots of reading by whim!

  3. Rhian

    Happy New Year, Simon. Even if you felt it was a ropey year for your blog, it’s still one of my favourite places.

  4. Bet

    Happy New Year, Simon! 2016 has one more hour to go here in the Eastern US. I really enjoyed your list: 3 of yours were on my top 10 list and I got more to add to my TBR pile (just what I need!)…

  5. pam

    happy new year, simon! thanks so much for this video. i LOVED watching it – way better than just listing your favourites. your passion for them (and books in general) really comes through on the video. i’ve only read two of the ones you listed – essex serpent and house at the end of the world. they were fab! i’ve put all the others you mentioned on my wishlist and hope to work through them (and many, many others) in 2017.

    2016 was a bit of a hard reading year for me, with work stress, a huge house renovation and family staying with me for months, so i ended up reading a lot of short books and adventury/thriller books that were easy to dip in and out of. however, now my life is back to normal and i’m ready to get back to some more literary reads. i also want to read some longer books. maybe “dune”, which i’ve been wanting to tackle for ages but have been scared of starting, or “gone with the wind” – another book that’s been on my kindle glowering at me since you and thomas were talking about reading it on the podcast.

    looking forward, what is your reading “mood” for 2017? will you change the way you’ve been reading at all?

    thanks so much for all the recommendations. please, please keep them coming. happy and healthy new year to you!


  6. David

    Just got round to watching the blog vid Great choices especially number one spot !!!

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