Blowing Away The Cobwebs of 2016 & Looking Forward to 2017

I am not exactly renowned for my traditions and rituals. In fact many people I know would imagine that I would say ‘oh come on it is just another day like any other’ or ‘you can make changes in your life at anytime you don’t need a special day’ when it comes to a New Year. However, there is something about a New Year that, well apart from it literally being new, really does chime with me as a time to rid yourself of the silly or stressful stuff, the negativity and just look forward to the forthcoming year and years ahead. Nothing quite does that like a bracing walk by the beach and for the last few years, since I lived near the sea really, that is exactly what I have done. And this year was no different.


There really is something quite calming, mind clearing and freeing about simply wandering along the sand, the waves crashing in the distance, saying a ‘hello’ to strangers and their dogs and watching nature (there were lots of wonderful squeaking sandpipers everywhere)  before just being still and staring off into the distance and revelling in the moment.

It is also perfect for blowing the cobwebs, negativity and the like of a weird old year away. Quite literally with the winds the way they were.


So today, as you can see, I took part in that ritual again. Where I had a bit of an unwind in the freezing sea winds (and mini sandstorms which took me by surprise and made fellow passersby laugh with my squeals that competed with the sandpipers) said goodbye to the old, hello to the new, contemplated my resolutions – of which there are quite a few, more on those soon – and then just stopped. Something I rarely do. I just stopped and took it all in, thought how bloody lucky I am and how we can all be responsible for the future and our futures, we just have to appreciate it and work on it and try not to take too much shit. It isn’t always easy, things can be crap, but we need to celebrate what we do have, quit grumbling and act on it, making every moment count.

It is time to simply look forward. So here’s to 2017… again.


P.S I know this had nothing to do with books and that is probably why you are here. I just felt the need to jot these possibly nonsensical and rambling thoughts down, after all this was always meant to be a diary of sorts. You don’t just come here for the books do you? Hahaha. Course you do.


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11 responses to “Blowing Away The Cobwebs of 2016 & Looking Forward to 2017

  1. Oh can’t agree enough about the therapeutic nature of the sea… since our kids were babies and New Year parties impossible we started the ritual of going down the beach nr Tynemouth to watch the sun come up… no matter what had clogged up the year before this bracing feel good folly always set us up for a fresh look to the future ilk… Happy New Year Simon x

  2. I agree with your sentiments completely. Yes , it is nice to see the personal side of a person with a blog. Get to know them more as a friend than just a stuffy old book reviewer. Those are the blogs that I gravitate towards. Books and friendship. cheers for 2017

  3. Linda Stormonth

    Absolutely agree. I love your personal take on book blogging. A happy, healthy, harmonious New Year to you.

  4. CM

    I come here for you, dear Simon. Bookish things are a bonus. Happy, Happy New Year!

  5. Blowing away the cobwebs – exactly what I needed to read today. Off to the beach right now for sunset walk. Thank you Simon! Best wishes for 2017.

  6. So lovely and just what I needed today. Thank you and happy new year.

  7. Katherine

    Happy New year, Simon. I quite like your sea walk tradition and appreciate this non-book post. I’m trying to reset some things in my life and I am grateful for this inspiration and reminder to appreciate and work for what we want – and occasionally just stop and soak it all up.

  8. Kateg

    I worked overnight on New Year’s Eve and so spent the night with colleagues. I am now in one of my favorite places, Lake Placid (earlier than usual in the year) and as we were driving up, I realized how new and refreshed I feel here. I truly feel lucky and blessed and am looking forward to a better year.

  9. Happy new year Simon – hope it’s a good one. We come to read bloggers not only for the books but for their personalities and what they inject – so write about what you want!

  10. Amanda Drover-Hartwick

    A new year is the perfect time to reflect, celebrate the successes, learn from the mistakes, and make plans for the future. Anyone who says it’s cliche needs to lighten up! Why put-down those who want to make change? (probably because they have some personal struggles and not ready to make change, shhhhh don’t tell anyone I said that). Beautiful photos, I miss the sea.

  11. Books and blessings, yes, yes, aren’t we lucky to be here.

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