And The Library Starts To Be Built

Apologies for the Savidge silence (again) I have a very valid reason though, there have been builders invading my life rather a lot of late as, get ready for it, my library is being built. No, you heard right I am having a library built here at the new house and work has finally started which is so exciting but also somewhat disruptive and distracting. I thought however it would be nice to have a series of posts as the process happens and that you might be quite keen to read about it and join the journey. Ugh, journey has become sucha cliche saying but you know what I mean. So what are the plans? Well they look like this…


However that doesn’t really cover the logistics as lovely as that picture is. Basically two bedrooms are being converted into one, though the smaller one will feel slightly like a separate space where my reading chair, youtube filming area and desk and the like is. The rest will be wall to wall bookshelves and nothing more, well apart from a comfy sofa bed for me to read on and very special guests to sleep in. Only very special ones, the others just get the normal two spare bedrooms though they have some bookshelves in too of course. So week one has been the rooms being joined, or as the Spice Girl fan in me likes to say, two become one.


Is it just me or does anyone find this sort of thing, getting to look at what makes a wall essentially, really bizarrely interesting? As you can see it has gone great guns…


Though they did make the hole between the rooms which will make the one room feel like two spaces a bit too big so they will be rebuilding some.


I was told this made me a diva by someone, however my thoughts are if this is my forever home and that is going to be my dream library then I need it to be just so. Plus they have to build a new wall where one of the doors has been taken out. It is looking good so far. Then next week, the second in what will probably be a month (so just in time for my operation in late February) the plasterer comes, and the floorboards get sanded down, week three is decorating, so I need to do the painful decision making on that, followed by week four when the bookshelves will get built. I will report back as it goes on. Hopefully it will be of interest…

In the interim how are all of you and what are you reading at the moment?


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11 responses to “And The Library Starts To Be Built

  1. Mary Arth

    I will love hearing about your library progress. So cool for you.
    I am reading and enjoying The Book That Matters Most by Ann Hood. It was recommended by Emily from the podcast Book Cougars. It is a great podcast.

  2. That looks beyond amazing! I hope everything goes smoothly during the creation process, and I can’t wait to see the end result.

    I find that my motivation to read is really improved by having a bookish space to spend time in. I’m just coming to the end of a semester studying in Spain (currently procrastinating from trying to re-pack all the books I brought with me, plus the new ones I have accumulated while here), and I found it quite a struggle not having a very big range or variety of books to choose from. I’m very much looking forward to being back among my bookcases – a readathon is definitely on the horizon when I get home, as long as they let me on the plane with such a heavy suitcase! I’m particularly looking forward to getting stuck into some new(ish) releases that I’ve missed out on while away, like ‘Autumn’ by Ali Smith and ‘Homegoing’ by Yaa Gyasi.

    Hope you have a good weekend! 🙂

  3. Ann

    Awwww- a library – how lucky are you! Look forward to the finished photo.

  4. Bet

    I find that whenever I enter a home, I look for the places to read. If I can’t imagine reading anywhere… it’s not a cozy home!

    Don’t apologize for your diva-ness in getting things exactly as you want them! You’ll be so glad when it’s done. We have a large book shelf with cabinets (15 feet long and 8 feet high) in our family room that we had custom made for the space. I don’t know what we would have done without it! This week I had some time off so I got rid of some books (yes, it was hard!) and re-arranged all the shelves and cabinets for the first time in several years. It felt so good!

    I just finished The Gustav Sonata (loved!) and The Secrets of Wishtide (a pleasant diversion). About to start the third volume of John Lewis’ graphic novel, March, about his experience in the American civil rights movement.

    Enjoy your re-modeling!

  5. holly

    I’m re-reading Jamaica Inn. I was inspired by one of your Twitter conversations about DuMaurier. It’s as good as it was the first time. Good gothic escapism. Trapped on the moors.

    Love your work in progress. You really did move into a lovely home.

  6. gill

    Your very own library eh? That will be so exciting and I want to see every part of the build so keep those posts and videos coming please.

  7. Our previous home had a library and it was my favorite room in the house. I miss it tremendously and there’s the possibility of creating something similar in this house, but it will take a bit of work. Count me among those who will be excited and interested in these posts and following the progress.

  8. I may have to come and move in 😉 All looking fab!!

  9. Kristen M.

    How exciting! I basically just turned the dining room into a library since we never entertain but it still needs a few more shelves and a comfy chair. Maybe this year I’ll finish it!

  10. Victoria

    I’m very envious of anyone lucky enough to have their own library. I’d love to hear how you are getting on with the building. When I visit someone for the first time I always look around for the bookshelves and am disappointed if I don’t find any.

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