Library Update; Getting Plastered and Stripping…

No this is not a blog post about some of the weekends I had in my twenties, and possibly into my thirties, this is an update on all things library wise since I told you last week that work had begun on the building of a library here at Savidge Reads Towers. Ha, if only this house had towers, I have always wanted turrets. Anyway, as I mentioned before, two rooms have been knocked into one and shape wise were looking much more like the final design…


So this week it has been all about getting plastered. Literally. There have been men in and out of there for most of the week (it has played havoc with my carpets, dust and dried plaster are now on my list of things I loathe) and where there was a divide is slowly starting to look more like it is all part of one room…


Well a room with a big alcove which is bang on what I want, I am aiming for a room that feels very much one room yet sort of two or three separate zones if that makes any sense. You can’t even spot where there once was a door.


What I hadn’t realised was that all the room was wallpapered. Oh the plasterers weren’t impressed when they made this discovery I can tell you. I thought it was just the wonderful (and camp as can be) pastel animal wall, which I know many people on here and on twitter have been huge fans of. Alas this will soon be no more, if you really loved that wallpaper then look away now…


…Yep it is going, going, gone.The question is of course what is going to take place of butterflies, giraffes and other unidentifiable creatures? This is the next big decision, paints. I know in my head I want it either blue or green, I just can’t decide between the two and of course the tones. Blue can become too oceanic or really cold, green can make you feel like your on acid or in an army bunker, so these are tricky times. Luckily I have discovered a very bookish series of paints which might help me whittle down my decisions, or go for something completely different, simply because it might be wrong to have anything but a pain collection called The Bookcase on my library walls.


I can hear you all gasp almost as loudly as I did when I discovered it. Any thoughts on paint do let me know, I have until the end of Monday to make my decision as there is a deadline between now and having my operation in late February to get everything done. No pressure.


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11 responses to “Library Update; Getting Plastered and Stripping…

  1. Ann

    Simon – a paint color that is soothing for your reading room. Not sure what that color is?!! However, I saw a mug that had a saying that made me think of you & your library and that saying is “A DAY WITHOUT READING IS LIKE….just kidding, I have no idea. Maybe you could do some sort of poster for that saying instead of a mug?

  2. Ann

    Simon – sorry I forgot to put in my ending quotation marks they go after the word “idea”. Ann

  3. What colour are your shelves to be? I’m thinking a green like the leather inlay of a fine, old writing desk. So long as you don’t mind dark that is…

  4. I am so jealous of these plans. I look forward to seeing the final result!

  5. If you are aiming for a cosy reading space then definitely avoid anything in the blue and grey range. You need to look to the warm sections of the colour wheel

  6. realbooks4ever

    How about that nice lavender? Top row, second from the left?

  7. adevotedreader

    I like the idea of green in a shade similar to the Italy Room at The National Gallery.

  8. gill

    only just seen this post so a bit late for the deadline but id still like to put in a punt for duck egg blue. Its my favourite shade of blue paint, its neither cold nor aquatic but very soothing. Looking forward to seeing the results anyway. Good luck with it

  9. I am terribly jealous, I also want to be able to build the library of my dreams (or to have my own place, for a start)!

    I like the greyish-lavendish-beigish colours at the front of the top row. I actually think that a soft and ill-defined colour would be a good choice for a library, because book spines come in a variety of colours and shades and that diversity would be highlighted by a relatively neutral background.

  10. While paint color is important, a good library should be so full of bookshelves that you don’t really see that much of the walls. I prefer natural wood grain stains for the bookshelves, no paint. But all I really need is the wonderful leather chair, which C.J. bought for me years ago. And a sleeping dog nearby. A sleeping dog is a must for the library if you ask me.

  11. Can’t wait to see your library!! I want to see the wall crammed with books 🙂

    Wonderful reading material, your blog. This time i came here via your Home-Maker review. Hope to get hold of that one.

    If i may say so, I am bummed you don’t have a Sue Gee book review. I looovvvve her books. Have read these – Reading in Bed, The Hours of the Night, Earth and Heaven. and am desperate to find her other books. She is one of my FAVORITE authors.

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